Problem with Mayfair..

  1. I finally opened the box to my new Mayfair!! I'm happy bc I finally got it.. but no so happy because the non-quilted leather part seems to be a bit blemished. There tiny scratches on it. I got it for a great price but I'm sending it back because I'm extremely picky. Has anyone had the same experience with their Mayfair? Is the soft leather easy to scratch? Anything would be helpful, thanks!!
  2. what color is your new mayfair?
  3. Black :sad:
  4. im sorry to hear that :sad: i do not own a mayfair, so i dont know what the leather is like. i wish i could give you a better answer, but the ladies on this forum are really helpful and im sure someone will answer you soon. :smile:
  5. Both my Black and Grey Mayfairs have no blemishes on them. But the non-quilted leather is much softer and maybe be more prone to scratches? The Mayfair you received might have been roughly handled or pulled from the display shelf. You should exchange it for another one if it bothers you that much.
  6. Yeah I'm already sending it back. The SA is sending me an exchange with free return & shipping costs!! YAY. Hopefully the new one will be blemish free!!
  7. YAY! The next one will be perfect :tup:
  8. I have a Mayfair in teal and it doesn't have any scratches. In fact, feel like the non-quilted leather in "tougher" than my stam's leather. Also, I have carried my mayfair a few times but it looks brand-new. So good you are getting a new one! It is an awesome bag!!! :tup:
  9. There were light scratches but I will settle for no less than perfect!! I'm really picky..
  10. ^I'm the same way...really picky. Since we spend so much $$$ on these bags, we should definitely get exactly what we want. Glad to hear that you are getting a new one. Fingers crossed that she will be more than perfect this time. :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone for the best wishes!! I hope she will be perfect too!!!