Problem with lock on Coffer.

  1. I used my Coffer bag for the first time today and I noticed that when you squeeze together the two round things to pop open the lock, only one of the round things moves. Is this normal? Also, I found that sometimes it was really difficult to close the bag because when I pushed it in it didn't always close first time and I had to keep trying for ages. Is this also normal?
  2. Absolutely normal. Only one of the little "thingys" should move. Also, I have found that with time (for some reason) the locking mechanism gets easier with use. At first, it seems that you have to keep pushing it until it "clicks". But it is staying closed right (once you finally get it to click, I mean)? ;)
  3. Yeah it stays closed when it clicks but I was trying for ages to get it to click and it just wouldn't do it. I thought it was maybe a faulty lock.

  4. totally agree with u, miu2!!!