PROBLEM with Juicy Couture Handbag

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  1. I bought this handbag a while ago Large Fluff Gold Juicy Bag but I haven't used it because the lame leather looks wrinkled is it that bad, is there something I can do? please help [​IMG]

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  2. Have you tried "fully" stuffing the bag with t-shirts, towels, or tissue paper and then see how it looks? Might help with the wrinkles or at least keep more from occurring by keeping it stuffed when you store it.
  3. Shiny! Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the fluff bags should look wrinkled?[​IMG]
  4. that one looks smaller than mine I know they have different sizes & materials. I got mine from Neiman Marcus online.
  5. i had the impression that this bag should be looks slouchy and i don't think the wrinkles look bad on it. if it really bothers you, you could stick towels in it to smooth out the leather like people smooth out the canvas of lv speedies after they buy them
  6. I agree w/ the other girls, i think the style should be wrinkled & it is a fun bag! No worries!
  7. The wrinkles are probably more obvious because it's a metallic bag. The slouchy style of that bag is going to give the wrinkle look.
  8. :nuts: :biggrin: :nuts:
  9. That's a beautiful bag!!!
  10. I think it looks fine. It dosent look too wrinkley to me. I think it actually looks like I it should.
  11. I think it looks fine. They probably photoshoped the picture,and smoothed the wrinkles out =) bag btw!