Problem with Judy PM gold hardware

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395538427.110842.jpg

    Hi I have a problem with Judy PM. The gold hardware start to develop some mark which I have no idea how this happen. I only used this bag few times and always store in the dust bag after used.
    Can anyone help me on how to remove that mark? Its really heart broken because I only have that bag for few months T T
  2. do you have a jewelry polishing cloth? Try using that on the hardware, I will bet it will remove the spots, good luck
  3. Hi, I moved your post here so you'll get more replies.

  4. Thank you Elliespurse. I'm still a beginner here :urock::urock:
  5. Thank you Jasmin1 I'll buy jewelry polishing cloth and try. Hope It would remove the spot! :ty: