Problem with Hair Flyaways - help!!

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  1. I have very fine, straight, lifeless hair. I have a constant problem with little short hairs that stick up horribly on the top of my head. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and can't believe how ridiculous it looks!

    I have tried spraying hairspray on a comb and combing them down, which doesn't really help. I've tried taking a serum and lightly rubbing it down, as well doing the same with lotion. The problem is that my hair is so fine and most products make it look greasy.

    Any suggestions as to how you control flyaways? I am tired of looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket!! :nuts:
  2. I'd like to know as well.
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    Last time I was at the salon the woman there put something on my hair specifically for this. It was in a jar and she referred to it as cement or something. It was just very thick and I think maybe waxy? I actually have to go back and get some of it, but yeah, something exists specifically for this!
    I wonder if you have to style your hair though, like pick where you want your part to be. I move my hair from the scalp a lot and if you do that maybe you won't benefit from it as well as if you have like a general part in your hair where you can pat it down.
  4. there's a good trick, but it also depends on your hairstyle. if you wear your hair in a side-part, just dry it with a parting in the middle and after the hair is dry and has cooled down, do the side part. it works amazing on my hair and no product is needed.
  5. is it due to static, or does your hair just grow that way?
  6. I have fine, straight fly away hair too. It's usually static. I use a "small" dab of Redken's all soft gold glimmer. Just work it through your hair - works like a charm and key is don't use a lot. The product controls my fly away hair and gives it a lot of shine.
    Why they call it gold glimmer is beyond me as they is no sparkly glimmer in it so don't be afraid to use the product.
  7. There are some great non-greasy, non-shiny products you can try, like American Crew's "fiber". Use less than half the amount you think you need... if you can see it on your fingers, you're using too much.