Problem with groom cles!

  1. OK so I pulled my cles out of my pocket, and I thought there wa sink on the white part and freaked out, then I looked and it seems noe that the paint has actually ALREADY started chipping off, 3 days after purchase! but my mom still thinks it's ink but therewas no pen around it! what if they think its ink as well and not exchange it?!?! What do I do?

    P.S U can ACTUALLY c the abrasion on it, the party that loks almost like white out it the abrasion. But from what?

  2. Can you post a pic?
  3. on the way!
  4. yes post a pic so that we can see it
  5. OH noes.. that's not cool, I hope this isn't an issue with all of them !
  6. Like it LOOKS ike there is light blue around it, why? is the monogram canvas dyed with blue or something? I want to cry why pay 250 dollars (Canadian) for something which is defective? And I dont wanna jump the gun but seeing as my mom and sister BOTH thought it was ink I am afraid the SA will too! Basically its been in my jeans ALL day I wonder of the blue fron the jeans went onto it? but it still doest explain the scratching on the suitcase as well, there is some white showing through! If u look his left leg where the suitcase is there is a white dot, its hard to c but it's there. u can c little white dotas around the area directly left of the spots

  7. Was it in like a pant pocket, like jeans? Do you think the material caused it to rub off that easy? I want to get one but I worry about the silk screening rubbing off. I hope things work out for you.
  8. Hard to tell in that pic. I would return it to LV. I can't imagine how it could rub off so soon after purchase.

    It is screen printed so there are layers of colors.
  9. ah! my store is calling when another one comes in and now I really don't know if I want one! all these people are having problems!

  10. what other ppl?
  11. I would contact your store....tell them that yes, you know that chipping, etc. can happen but NOT after 3 days! They should give you a new one!
  12. Go back. They should replace it with a new one!:yes:

  13. but should is different than would/will, and I know these places, they'll think I am lying, any excuse NOT to exchange they will try and find! :crybaby:
  14. Unless the cles looks like it was run over by a car, they should exchange it! It's unacceptable for it to peel three days after you bought it!:cursing:
  15. I agree!!! That is just WRONG!!!!