Problem with double flap

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    Hi, ladies! I love flaps but do not fancy double flap. But last July I received my first double flap (2.55) from DH and already I have a problem.

    The zipper to the small pocket on the outer flap


    is leaving a dent on the top of the inner flap and it's getting deeper!


    Any of you have the same problem? How do I solve this problem? Any tip/suggestion is much appreciated.

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  2. My M/L is vintage and it has the dent too but this bag is a 2 series and the dent isn't very deep at all, so your much younger one should be fine, I wouldn't worry about it :smile:
  3. ^ I know what you mean.. hopefully it would not get any worst than this. Thanks! I feel better knowing that it happened to other bags too = normal. : D
  4. I have 3 double flap bags and they all have that dent too! I think it's normal...

    I believe it's not zipper to the small pocket on the outer flap that leaves the dent... it's actually the chain (see your pic#2 and u might get what I mean). HTH.
  5. It happens. I think it's inevitable since the zipper is sandwiched in between the leather when closed. I use the white felt that came with the bag to minimize the dent during storage.
  6. It's inevitable. You can use the felt cloth that came with the bag as a barrier from contact of the zipper to the leather. However, this only works for storage. It is difficult to carry the bag with the felt inside unless you have no plans on opening it. Once you open the bag, the felt will fall out.
  7. It does not bother me. At the end of the day, the 2.55 is the original Chanel. I do not care much about maxi or jumbo or indeed Karl Lagerfeld's classic. :lol:
  8. The dent doesn't bother me at all as that's inevitable. Don't worry about it and enjoy your bag.
  9. ^ Feel a lot better now!:smile: Thanks ladies! I shall take her out for a spin today. To think about it again, I kind of like 2.55 (227) as I find it quite spacious. I might change my mind after all about double flap. I was upset with the news that jumbo and maxi will soon come with double flap as I really like maxi and jumbo but, we'll see how they'd turn out.. thanks again!
  10. I actually love double flaps because I feel secured, if by accident the outer flap is unlocked, I know there's another flap inside to protect my wallet & etc.

    Second, more leather the better! Remember you pay more for bigger bag & should get more leather LOL!

    Last & most important, I think the double flaps will keep the bag in good shape (structured & boxy) & I don't have to worry too much about loosing stitches at either top corners of the flap (just not to put too many papers between the 2 flaps inside :smile:

    Double flaps should be part of the classic "ICON" 2.55 look, isn't it?
  11. I agree, even though it doesn't have a zipper, I know no one's getting anything out of my bag when I'm not looking. I'm sure we've all been like "Pshh, I can get my lipstick out of that side gap without opening it...ok..wait...almost..." lol :P