problem with coyotes

  1. is there anyways of keeping coyotes away from your house? i live on the golf course and during winter there are tons of coyotes around. I have 2 small dogs, a shihtzu and a pomeranian. I know the coyotes come by my house because i can see their new foot prints in the snow everyday outside of my fence. we have a 5ft chain linked fence which i know wont do much from keeping the coyotes out. My dogs have had several encounters with these coyotes but we would come out and throw snow balls at it or something and it'll slowly walk away. Last night my dogs were scratching on the door to go outside so i went to let them out and while i was walking towards the door i heard a howl then i looked outside and see a coyote against my fence howling then walking away. Of course when my dogs saw this too they wanted to go outside even more cause they think they're friends. They have aten all the rabbits around my neighborhood. My dogs arent the in-out type of dogs, they like to take their time walking around my yard before they do their business so i have to keep an eye on them all the time. i hate dealing with this problem every year, and every year it seems like there are more and more coyotes.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to keep them away? (well without killing one, cause i read you could kill one and smeer their blood again ur fence, or yard and the rest will stay away)
  2. We are on a gold course too & have this problem. They will be attracted to homes with dogs for obvious reasons. Be careful when your dogs are out. M
    The ones in our community are very bold. They have been known to try to take little dogs on leashes in the middle of the day!
    I see you are in Canada, are you opposed to shooting one.
  3. Get a greyhound? That's what keeps them off our farm. Maybe the golf course should invest in one to keep them off the golf course and away from your yard. Sorry I don't have a better idea for you. But if you are living right in CGY then you wouldn't be able to shoot him anyway. Have you called by-law or wildlife? They might trap him and take him out of town?
  4. Rag - your puppy is darling!
    Greyhound, good to know!
    Usually if there's one, more are about? In my area they travel in groups of 2 or 3.
    I am going to recommend the blood to the HOA, Maybe one of the hunters could get one outside city limits here.
  5. Found some helpful hints for you and added a few of my own:

    • Secure garbage cans by fastening lids with rope or bungee cords.
    • Dispose of especially attractive food wastes such as meat, cheese and eggs by adding a small amount of ammonia to the bag.
    • When composting, use enclosed bins rather than exposed piles. Avoid adding dog or cat waste, meat, milk or eggs to compost.
    • If you have fruit trees, pick the ripe fruit and keep fallen fruit off the ground.
    • Motion sensing lights or sprinklers may deter coyotes from your yard. A motion sensing sprinkler, the "Scarecrow," is available at hardware stores and possibly online.
    • Clear bushes and weeds away from your home. Dense vegetation provides attractive habitat for animals on whom coyotes prey.
    • check your perimeter fence around your house. coyotes can dig holes and get into your yard and I noticed you said you let your animals out at night to do their business. coyotes are very intelligent and will sooner or later try to lay in wait for you when you do this and may try to get into your yard.
    • keep your animals in at night and never leave their food outside.
    • spay or neuter your animals. coyotes are attracted to unsterilized animals.
    • Trapping and relocation of coyotes is not recommended except as a last resort. Disruption of family packs can cause orphaned juveniles to seek easy prey, such as small dogs and cats, and other coyotes may move into the vacated area.

    contact your local ASPCA for more advice.:tup:
  6. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions, but I've read that coyotes are really dangerous predators when it comes to small pets. They aren't a huge problem here yet. I've only seen one and my DH has only seen one, but it's only a matter of time from what we see in the newspapers.

    Best of luck to you.
  7. My boyfriend bought me a BB gun...just enough to hurt them but not enough to kill them.. i have yet to use it and i dont think i can when it comes down to it. I've read they will watch their prey for about 15 minutes before the attack. Do u guys think they will just jump the fence when they see the dogs or will they stay back and watch?
  8. This is gross but it works. Look online for wolf urine or coyote urine powder to shake around the perimeter of your property.

    The coyotes will not go into another coyotes territory and it's worked in our pasture area. Good luck to you.
  9. Yep, they will stalk their "pray" you need to be real careful if you know they have been in the area. The pee thing is a really good idea! I know CGY has some really good hunting stores, that's where I would start looking for some. Or try that big campers store on McLeod down from Chinook Center.
  10. please don't use a bb gun on them. what if you hit one in the eye? what if one lodges itself in its skin and becomes infected? a slow painful death will follow. please refrain from that please!
  11. ^^ yes, please do not take it upon yourself to injure them, it probably won't even keep them away from your property.
  12. ^^^ I agree too, please don't use it! I like the urine suggestion, let us know how it goes.
  13. We have a huge problem where I live with coyotes. A few years ago one got my cat. :crybaby: She was in an indoor/outdoor cat (we have a doggy door) and I don’t know why I was stupid enough to think she would come in every night to be safe. She would come in at night for years and pretty much just went outside for a few minutes during the day to lay on the grass in the sun. I feel so bad and miss her terribly. She also wasn’t scared of dogs because we have dogs, so she probably let the coyote come right up to her. :sad:

    During that time my mom was living at our house and she put bird seed out to feed the wild birds. She also was feeding the dogs outside and we left bowls of water out for the dogs. I think (actually KNOW) that is what attracted the coyotes to our yard. I would see them on the other side of our fence once in awhile, sometimes during the middle of the day. Since that incident we do not put bird seed out anymore and do not feed any of our dogs outside. All of their bowls are in the house. We also make sure to pick up any bones our dogs bring out to the yard. We also have an orange tree in our yard (right by the fence) that we always make sure we pick the fruit. I have not seen a coyote since. Of course I always be aware that they are still there though because at night once in awhile I will hear a whole pack of them howl.

    I think following all of the steps bagsnshoofetish should be super helpful. Other than that you will just need to learn to live with them as your neighbors.
  14. You bought a house on a golf course (did you check to see if the developers are responsible and ethical about what kind of land they acquire and how they treat it?) that probably used to be the home of coyotes, and then call the coyotes the "problem?" And you buy a gun to shoot at them?

    I just don't get it. We infringe and infringe on wildlife over and over again, and then we are shocked over and over again when deer burst through buildings or coyotes roam in the backyard.

    Please do not shoot BB guns at animals. You can lodge a BB in an animal's ear, or eye, or skin.

    By the way, I grew up on a golf course with a nature trail and trust me, you are going to get flack from other residents when they hear that you even entertained the idea of using a BB gun. Ask your neighbors how they manage to keep coyotes away.

    I would recommend calling animal control, but I'm concerned they're just going to shoot those poor coyotes. I don't know what they do with animals.
  15. I don't believe they would shoot them unless it was for population control which still sucks but thats the way it goes. :sad: Animal control knows they cannot just start shooting them all cause it would offset the natural balance. Coyotes keep the rodent and bird populations under control. I think its a good idea to ask the local animal control people what to do to repel the coyotes for that particular area.