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  1. my brother bought a computer (i helped him with the fiunds)from
    circuit city. it was the biggest mistake ever
    the lady promised me very thing under the moon
    and told me the accessorys that were suppost to be instock would send them to me
    since it cost to much to come on a cab
    she lied found that out week later and called the manger he said she was new and would send it free of charge he lied never sent spent more money on cab
    why didnt they just tell me they couldnt.
    well the computer is a peice of junk freezes for no reason and hi lights for no reason close the box while your chatting to people . and there is no return policy on the back they gave me a copy recipet and they never told me the return policy right spoke to some one on the phone when i got there diffrent story
    the manger is like go to fire dog and maybe he can fix it if not hell exchange it
    went to fire dog and there like well there is only 512 mb thats why its not working but when i asked the lady this she said its a good machine and all that
    now its a diffenrt story they want me to pay more money and upgrade the memory thing
    so i ask where is the manager i just spoke to
    and all of a sudden hes not there but he said he wouldnt leave till things got straighten out
    so then they gave me this other manger thats a compulsive liar i explained the problem
    and he said that enough ram
    and ask me if im looking dirty stuff on there wtf
    is he seriouse (he asked that again when we told him
    we got a desk top from them)
    then he said its broke no reason to up grade it wont let me get another one instead
    and tell me he has one it works fine

    then get the person from fire dog and told him i said it was broke and is lieng on me
    and changes his story then the man from fire dog says the computer needs to be up graded not enough mb
    and the manger is like yeah thats what i told her
    and im like you just told me you have one and said it works fine
    and he changes the story around and i asked why did the lady who sold me tell me this cause i asked her questions about this
    and hes like well shes the manger for at this store for 8 years and shes very good at what she does.
    the store wasnt even open here for 8 yrs
    and when i bought it the manger said she was new
    so like less then a month now shes a manager for 8 yrs
    this is bs all the mangers lie at this store wont help
    what do i do
    i gave my brother money for this
    and we want it back and want to give the back all the stuff that came with it even accesorries
    they were only free with purchase of laptop and have to fill out r****** and have proof of purchase of a lap top can any one help me
    all the mangers lie at this store
    sorry if this post was too long need help
  2. Hey,

    I am not quite sure if this is the right place for your post anyways, but still I wish I could help you (you seem to be really desperate) - but when I tried to understand your problem, I think I didn't get the whole thing. You were too upset writing the post, I just wasn't able to understand the meaning of all your sentences...

    But if someone lied to you when you bought the computer you can return it. That's the law. If they still continue lying or try to push you around or tell different stories - you just have to stick to the truth and continue up the ladder with customer service...Speaking to (another?) manager can make a lot of difference.

    At least that's what I experienced.

    I wish you luck :yes:
  3. ???
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