Problem with CL:( Too wide on the front, narrow on the heel!

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  1. Hey Ladies
    Any of you experiencing the same problem as me?

    I only can wear No Prives.

    I cant wear any other CL's because the front of my foot is wide and the back of my heel is narrow.

    I am a size 38.5 actually.

    If I wear size 38 in CL, the back part is perfect but the front KILLS! My pinky toe get squished and I cannot walk.
    If I get size 38.5 its comfortable on the front but from the back, looks loose and the shoe looks borrowed!

    I am so sad, otherwise all my shoes will be CL's! Tried over 20 pairs during my recent visit to the United States, but only No Prive's fit me well in 38.5 as well as 39 as they are slingbacks!:smile:
  2. This is a problem for me too, and I think a number of people touched on the issue in the "Slippage" thread. You're definitely not alone - feet are naturally wider at the front than at the heel. I think CLs are designed with beauty in mind and often don't fit quite right. So sad! You can deal with it either by buying the larger size and padding them at the heel and/or ball of foot, or buying the smaller size and suffering through a break-in period while the front stretches out.
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    urseberry is right, you only have those two options. It's up to you whether you want to pad shoes or break them in. Or probably both, because even larger sizes have pretty tight toeboxes in some styles.

    My feet are wide as well, but my heels aren't really narrow; at least I think so. I've stepped out of shoes that have a toebox so tight that my toes go numb. Heel grips work, but I prefer to buy my shoes a little bit too small so I can break them in at home or at work, before going for long walks. Hurts like a mofo at first and walking for 5 minutes might be nigh impossible, but they do get better after a while and then fit perfectly.

    EDIT: If the shoe fits lenghwise, then they will eventually stretch enough sideways. They must, dammit!
  4. I'm with the other ladies here. That's a pretty common situation in many CL styles. I just deal with a tighter toebox and let it stretch with wear.
  5. I also usually buy a little tight and stretch the toebox. You can also get your cobbler to insert a foam wedge under the insole at the heel, which pushes your foot up and makes the fit a little bit better (at least it does for me).
  6. I too have this problem as my foot sounds like the twin of yours! I have purchased a foot stretcher and that helps. I recall an interview where Mr. L said he didn't want people to remember his shoe b/c it is comfortable but for its beauty - Oh, but to have both!!!! Maybe he should walk a day in our (umm his) shoes. :idea: