problem with buyers

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  1. I had two gucci belts listed on ebay. In both auctions I wrote I do not ship international only to the US at this time. Both buyers (two different) told me they live in the czech republic and want me to send it there. I wrote kindly that I clearly stated I do not ship international do they have a US address I can send it too. One stated no the other said they have a FL address where their ebay name is registered but now wants me to mail it with no signature required so they leave it on her front door. I wrote I am a little uncomfortable mailing a Gucci belt with no signature that will be left on someones front door and I have no signature stating anyone got it and it could easily be stolen or someone could easily say they never received it. my question....would you mail it like this if the buyer is firm they can not sign for it? this is so frustrating esp when I see all the problems people have with buyers and them claiming a million different things and the seller having to give money back or getting snad claims...
  2. ugh, sounds like trouble,i would stick to your guns and only send on the US, if you do send, make sure only to ship to the paypal address , no alternate address !
  3. ^^OP - Absolutely not. The problem is when you start caving in to buyer demands - this is when scams happen. Stick to your guns, ship to the Payapl address as Ladyisobel said with tracking and signature confirmation - this covers you. You are opening yourself up for an INR if you do otherwise - i assume it's the same in the US, if there is no one to sign for it on delivery, you can pick the parcel up from the Post Office? So long as you keep to your terms, you won't regret it later...:smile:
  4. thank you! its sooooo frustrating! what is the point in writing in your description what you do and dont do if no one listens? I am sooo nervous about ebay lately with hearing all the horror stories on this forum. it makes it a terrible place for people that are fair.
  5. No, I would not mail it without delivery confirmation, insurance and signature.

    If that is how you want to do business, your buyer should comply.

    If she wants to send you an e-mail that she will assume full responsibility

    for you to ship without insurance, delivery confirmation and signature, I would

    still have my reservations but at least you are protected again a claim.
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    You can go into seller's preferences and block international bidders. You can't stop them from asking a question of course (and there are truly some decent int. buyers !) but you can prevent them from bidding. Just read other threads on here about all the problems that come with international shipping, including scams, and you may not want to do this. I would steer clear, as I recall the Czech Republic being a place where some scams have originated. (i.e. sending to address other than what is on PP as confirmed shipping address and you lose your item and your money)
  7. ^^Actually you're not protected if you have an e-mail from her. Even if you have e-mail evidence, PP usually ignore it. There was a case fairly recently where someone was scammed out of a bag - even after the scammer left positive feedback for the seller saying everything was perfect - she then opened an INR claim which she won i believe, i can't remember the exact details but there was a bit of a TPF intervention that helped recover the bag i think. Either way, to cover yourself, ALWAYS ship with insurance, tracking and signature confirmation - it leaves far less room for scammers because PP do not investigate claims the way they should. We see that over and over again.... :smile:
  8. Scaaaaaaaaam. I would block them.
  9. No way would I ship.. They understood the terms and now they want you to just leave to Gucci belts on a door-step (no way no how.)