Problem with buyer in Germany

  1. So I told myself I won't sell outside the USA or Canada, and I did...and now I'm in a dilemma and don't know what to do...A series of things have happened with they are.

    Problem #1: The buyer insisted that she didn't want to pay the shipping charges I asked for (USPS Global EMS), but the cheap option. OK, fine. I said it was OK, but the shipping time could be forever, and I may not be able to track it correctly.

    Problem #2: The buyer's address is unconfirmed.

    Problem #3: The buyer told me to declare the item valued at $25 and as used. She paid $40 for the item, a Christian Dior top, and it was new. I bought it on sale for about $300 (the original price was $1100) and never wore it.
  2. ok, did you ship already? or is this just the discussion/ arrangement stage?

    or did the transaction go through and you are just wanting to share that this was annoying?

    I am asking bec I am an overseas buyer and 1. one is off if you feel you aren't covered. that said I have always paid over the odds for shipping from US - a lot of times well over $20. I have yet to argue shipping charges and I would never accept a buyer doing it with me.
    2. yep the unconfirmed address is a problem. however, what would be the options? I mean if you are willing to accept from overseas - there is money order but while shipping from Germany to US takes around 3 days, shipping within US has always taken around 2 weeks (even to Long Island and please everythign arrives at JFK) - frankly I have no idea what USPS are doing. so then it is a question of time.
    3. the low value thing: I can't say for other countries but for Germany I know customs very well... (having collected and paid for my stuff..). the seller never has a problem with declaring a lower value, although that doesn't guarantee not having to pay customs. they don't care what you say: they just want the buyer's money (haha). if you are really uncomfy - don't do it. I have asked sellers about their customs policy but never outright if they would lower first thing. btw, it has rarely helped me.

    sorry for your trouble. if you are uncomfy i wouldn't sell again overseas.
  3. i hate to say it but the only horrible intl transaction i ever had was with a german buyer. i thought i was being nice so i gave her free shipping and sent it global priority. well it was an unconfirmed addy and there was no way to track it and she said it was lost. she filed in pp and they found in her favor. LUCKILY i had bought my own insurance using DSI so i got my money back. but what a heartache. mine was for a 125 dollar tracy reese top.

    here's the thing- it's YOUR auction so YOU decide what and how you want to ship. if she chooses the cheap option fine but then protect yourself and get DSI insurance. Also, do not declare it for less. 25 to 40 is not a big difference but it's still illegal with the PO and in case it gets lost you will only get your 25 back. just because she wants you to list it that way doesn't mean you have to. tell her you will not declare it as a gift.

    international buyers know they may have to pay customs. that should come in to their decision when they buy. and if she had a question she should have asked BEFORE she bid. i just had this with another german buyer who bid twice on my auction and then told me she wants free shipping and for me to declare a 400 dollar bag as a gift or for 25 dollars. NO. sorry but i have it stated in 2 places- in my auction and me page that i won't do that. tough noogies. she was very upset with me and told me everyone does it. sorry but they don't. and if they do they shouldn't and it's not my problem. i cancelled her bid and blocked her from my auctions.

    i hope this all works out for you. the only person you need to protect and look out for is you. good luck.

    sorry for the vent. lol.
  4. Paypal does not offer confirmed addresses in Europe, I have asked repeatedly, they won't do it (no idea why), so that is NORMAL.
    But I wouldn't deal with a buyer who doesn't pay for insured and tracked shipping, that sounds weird. She still gets a great deal.
    As for the customs declaration - do what seems right to you. Declaring a lower value is illegal but I don't think it was ever a problem, if they think it's too low, they just use their own calculations.
  5. Well to be honest I don't understand why paypal can't do confirmed address in Europe. I have a Dutch paypal account.... and i had to link that either to my bankaccount or my credit card in the Netherlands.... same as here.... what kind of other confirmation do they need ? there is a paypal in Holland in Germany, they ought to be able to do this.
  6. I haven't sent her the item. I just received her PayPal payment (she subtracted from the original amount requested so that she'd pay the cheap shipping). Should I just refund her money and tell eBay what happened?
  7. yes, here in europe you can't get a confirmed address. but varified, which is a difference. it sucks because sometimes i can't buy things because my address isn't confirmed. in principle it's kinda the same tough, i believe. is she verified?

    i think the value for the shirt is okay. because the costums ask for the eBay invoice = the price of the auction.
  8. Even if I would like to have a confirmed address I can't have one because paypal doesn't do like other members already mentioned.
    I wouldn't declare less than the 40$ because she doesn't have to pay customs on it anyway because it's under 50$ and the seller takes the risk.
    But if you don't feel comfortable with it try to get out of it but she might give you negative feedback just for revange.
    Selling on eBay always is risky no matter what nationality. I sold many things internationally and just had once a problem with someone from the US.
    You always can have a bad apple even with national sales.
    I hope it works out for you.
  9. wait did you agree to cheaper shipping and give her a quote for it or did she just decide she wanted to pay less and did?
  10. ^ agreed with Tanja. as for the customs thing: actually I have paid customs on items around $50 here in germany. I believe the amount is lower than that but am too lazy to look it up. to be honest, it doesnt matter to you. and again, if the gift thing comes up: I have had plenty of items where the seller put gift and a low value by themselves and it was still pulled by customs. there is no guarantee, and they know ebay very well by now.

    phew, plenty of issues with both national and international sales, no matter where I lived. i have yet to strike off one nationality all together.. ;). but like I said if you are not comfy selling abroad, don't do it. it isn't worth your worries.

    I also wanted to say: I have not always paid for insurance/ tracking, that is IF the SELLER gave me that option. why? because customs are far less likely to pull an item that isn't insured/ tracked, the same with used items although technically they can charge on those as well. whether used or not, doesn't matter to them. and sorry but US power sellers have a tendency to totally over-charge on shipping, since I often over-pay by around $20, so if I can choose a cheaper option, I might if the item is low value.
  11. ^ if she just deducted what she wanted to pay that is off - don't budge, and tell her that you gave her a quote, this is what it is and that she can't just decide whatever she wants.
  12. You mentioned your shipping choices... and you should stick with that.... in respect what the value is of the package I'm biased.... anything over 35 euro you will have to pay 19% VAT PLUS import costs, about 25% of the value.... I always asked seller to put in GIFT and hardly any value.... they usually did.
  13. For international buyers who cannot have a confirmed address through Paypal- I will accept Bidpay or money orders. And ALWAYS ship with tracking- I cannot stress this enough- when you ship to an unconfirmed address, you will not win with paypal.
  14. I have listed on my auction that buyers out of the US need to pay additional shipping and to contact me before they make a bid. They don't always but most seem to want expedited shipping although they don't always want to pay the whole price. I recently had a buyer make a purchase for 500.00 and ask me to put gift 80.00 on the customes slip. I was really uncomfortable with tha but did it.
    I agree with the others you have a right to make the rules and protect yourself with trackable shipping. Maybe put in your next auctions if sold outside us buyer must pay additional shipping costs...ability to track item required.