Problem with Buyer and MO

  1. When I started selling, I wanted to be Paypal only. I decided to accept USPS money orders only as a distant second in order to pick up a few more sales.

    I had a bidder win an auction that violated a couple of terms about contacting me. They contacted me after I sent an invoice saying they wanted to pay via money order.

    I sent the address and once again stated clearly that I ONLY accept USPS money orders.

    It showed up today, and it's not a USPS money order. What should I do? It's one that I've heard of being faked in the past.
  2. i'd probably try and cash it and wait for it to clear, and be sure to tell the buyer that's what you're doing. you might also call the issuing agency and ask them whether it's authentic based on the number on it (I assume it has one).
  3. Yes. I agree with Litigatrix. Don't bother to send it back sicne the buyer may not send you another MO later. Please verify with the agent who issued it and then deposit it. Just hold it until it is proved to be authentic and legit.

    You could tell the buyer it will take a few more days to clear it since it is not an USPS money order.
  4. Yep, take it to your bank and let them know the situation. Maybe talk to a manager. You can then alert them to ensure that it's legit, then go from there. And yes, definitely wait to send the item until you're sure it's real.
  5. Try to cash it at the bank (versus depositing it) That way you won't get charged a bank fee if it its fake
  6. you can only cash it like that if you take it to the bank of issue. your own bank, where you hold an account, will only "cash" it as a favor to you with the understanding that the amount will come back out of your balance if the thing is fake. there's really no getting around it.
  7. Tell the buyer that because they failed to follow your terms ofauction, they can wait until the money order clears through your bank. No need to fret yet! :smile:
  8. I would wait until it clears. Then I would wait an additional period to see if it's returned.

    The thing about MO and the like is that they MAY initially clear, only to be charged back later.

    Oh well. The buyer didn't follow instructions and is at your mercy. Your peace of mind to have a thoroughly completed transaction is what's on the line. You can't do anything once the item is out of your hands. Thereby, you need to be sure that once the item leaves your hands, there will be no further problems.

    Personally, that buyer would be waiting a minimum of 4 weeks. 10 business days to clear, and 10 business days to be sure it stays cleared.

    Paypal gives no recourse or way to recover your money if it's a fraudulent MO.

    I was reading one seller last night. Their auction stated that the money orders were no longer accepted and would be returned, uncertified and untracked to the sender. The violating buyer would receive an email that the MO was on the way back; nothing more. Therefore, if on return of the money order, it was lost....oh damn well. It was the buyer's fault for NOT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.
  9. hmm, definitely do not send the item until about a week after you cash it or send the money order back and stick to your policies.
  10. I agree, wait about a week after you cash it to send the bag out. Ugh, I get so annoyed with buyers that chose to ignore listing directions! Good luck to you!