Problem with BN1713


Jul 25, 2009
I have Prada BN 1713 soft calf in black
(you can find it in my thread here: )
I bought it about eight months ago. Unfortunatelly I have two problems with it :shucks:

The first of these is that one ear began to peel off :sad: I'm going to Prada with complaints. But is there anybody with this experience? May I expect to replace only the defective ear or they give me new tote? I'm so sad about this :crybaby:

The second problem is that lining is cut from soft leather. Unfortunately after eight months of wearing there are two black horizontal lines. It apparently arises when worn. I don't know from what it might be. I don't carry any things in bag that may caused this. I tried cleaning it with spray for cleaning skin, but it is still visible and I am afraid that the more I'll try to clean it, the more it will look dirty and not good :sad: You can see it on these two photos: