Problem with Bayswater Hardware

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  1. I was wondering if you could advise please? I have recently bought a pre-loved black patent Mulberry Bayswater. I absolutely love it but it has gold hardware and over time the gold has rubbed off in places leaving a dull silver colour underneath (something the seller didn't tell me about prior to the sale). I have had the bag authenticated on this forum (thank you) so am assuming it is an original bag.

    My issue now is that I have contacted Mulberry and asked for a quote to replace all the affected hardware BUT I'd much prefer to have the silver hardware fitted (that I believe was an option with the black patent version). Mulberry have said yes, they will be able to replace the hardware but it has to be on a like for like basis ie I have to have the gold.

    Is there any way around this please or is it just that I've got to have the gold and then treat it with lots of care?

    Thanks in advance, Shelley x

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  2. I think Mulberry tend to stick rigidly to this rule. I asked if I could order a long strap to wear my cara x-body and they flatly refused because it wasn't original to the bag.
  3. Hi,

    Mulberry won't carry out any repairs on a bag that would constitute an alteration or change the original specification of the bag. I've asked them a similar question to yours ages ago.
  4. Thank you for your replies. That's really disappointing. I sort of understand it but you would think they would have a register of bags and could literally just update it with any changes? Oh well, looks like I'll have to have gold then. :tdown:
  5. It's too bad your hardware isn't brass like the older bags, then all it would need is a polish to look better. Have you tried polishing it in any way?
  6. Don't forget, it is not only the lockplate, but there are the feet, the buckles, the zip etc
    It would be a very bad look if there was a mix in the hw
  7. +1
    also it would make the bag look like a fake.
  8. If it makes you feel better some of my brass fittings have taken a battering over the years and I frankly don't care that much as it shows the bag is used and loved. Like our bodies, bags are supposed to bare some battle scars. Don't be too down, I personally like to see a bag worn in. Can post some photos if you'd like more reassurance you're not on your own. Some can top yours!!

    It's a bummer that you have to have gold hardware but if it's original to the bag, like others have said, mulberry won't budge.

    Good luck whatever you choose and be reassured that I think you're bag is lovely even with some wear
    And tear and I'm sure others would agree. ;)
  9. It would be £30 to have the lock replaced. I do know they will do slight alterations on much older bags for favourite customers. For instance, when I worked there we had a lady with a very old duffle bag that had no long strap nor attachments for one but they did agree to change the sides of the bag and make her a suitable strap.