Problem with an LV sale

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  1. I woke up this morning to an email from a buyer who stated that the Vuitton Multicolor Trouville I sold her was missing a stud on the leather chad for the handles, and attached a picture. I was surprised, because nothing was wrong with the purse when I photographed it and shipped it. I went back to my auction pictures and everything was fine.

    Well, she wants a full refund on the purse or a partial refund for the damage. I looked at the color placement on the picture she sent, and it looks like it is probably my purse. I called the LV boutique here in town, and they told me that it would cost approx. $50 to replace the stud, as they had a lady in earlier in the week with a multicolor Alma that had the same problem. That repair cost isn't in their repair/estimate booklet, so they called the Louis Vuitton department responsible for repairs and were quoted $50 "on the high end", and it probably wouldn't be that much.

    I offered the buyer $50 and gave her the LV number to call also so she could confirm, but she said no, it wouldn't be worth her time and effort to call, drive to the LV boutique (she lives in El Monte, CA, and apparently it is a far drive to any LV store) and get it repaired. She wants $200! for her trouble. Does anyone think this is excessive? I do. I smell a scam.
  2. Yep. I wouldn't give her $200 for a $50 repair. Tell her no and see what she does. I'd offer her $50 and that's it. Either that or offer her a full refund for the bag if you think she is going to cause you a lot of trouble.
  3. I personally wouldn't do it. Even if gas is on the expensive side, I wouldn't *think* she'd have to use an entire tank of gas to get there, not to mention that she could always ship it (couldn't she?) IMHO it seems like someone who is having buyers remorse and wants to "make" a few bucks back on this repair. I do think it's excessive. And really, if I bought a bag on eBay that was authentic, but used (at all) I would just kind of take it "as is". I mean, it isn't brand new and it is one little thing. I wouldn't be givinga full/partial refund and I think the $50 sounds fair.
  4. Yes, I was thinking $50 was fair, especially since I KNOW that the purse was fine when I sent it. I don't know if I can post her ID here, but her ID makes it sound like she is a re-seller, so it looks like she is trying to get it cheaper so she can resell. Also, looking back at her feedback, she has 100% positives, but give a lot of negs. The last couple of positives she got, it looks like the sellers left their feedback upon payment. I'm wondering if they had any problems with her also.
  5. Absolutely. I smell trouble. You can either offer to refund her money and just get the bag back, you fix it and then resell it yourself....or give her the $50 and call it a day....I would just be concerned that she'd leave feedback saying it was "misrepresented"....
    On behalf of the distance, El Monte IS a distance away from any LV store. She'd either have to shlep into Beverly Hills, which is about an hour away. There isn't an LV store in Pasadena which is the closest "city" to her...
    Keep us posted!
  6. I think the $50.00 is fair. She is asking for too much.
  7. Okay, now she is saying she wants me to refund her before I receive the bag. WTF? She says if I don't she will contact whoever is necessary to refund her, her credit card company and paypal. I don't mind her going through paypal, b/c won't they require I receive the purse first?
  8. NONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!! She is a scam artist extrodinaire. You tell her that you will promptly refund her money as soon as you receive the bag. Period. End of story. Tell her that you've already contacted Paypal as well as eBay "Live Help" and they have directed you to do as such and you won't be refunding any monies until the bag is back in your hands. Just pray you don't have a bait and switch on your hands....
  9. Yeah, I can just see her doing that (bait and switch). Should I just wait for her to do a dispute w/ Paypal? Or do I need to contact Paypal first?

  10. If you have photos of the bag showing NO missing stud, I wouldn't give in to her demands. Stick to your guns!
  11. Yes, I do, in the auction. The purse was fine, all studs were there. She is trying to haggle down the cost after the fact. I have gotten yet another email from her demanding a refund right now. I spoke w/ Paypal and they told me she does need to ship back first w/ tracking.

    Oh, and if you sell LV or Gucci, you can send me a PM and I will let you know her ebay ID, so you don't get taken also.
  12. Stop communicating with her at this point. Or you can tell her that you've reported her to eBay for harrassing you. Maybe that'll get her to shut up. You're done. Either the bag comes back to you and she gets her refund then, or you're done. And you know what? If she's crazy enough to leave negative feedback for you in the end, then you just say that you offered a refund and she never shipped the bag back. I don't know what else to tell you. I would just like her to think that you've reported her for harrassing you - and see what happens!!! :rolleyes:
  13. I will report her if she sends me another email. I finally told her that I spoke w/ Paypal and they confirmed that she needs to send the bag back to me first with tracking before I have to refund.

    They also told me I can escalate to a claim? I think the term is. I thought only the buyer could do that. Also, if she goes through her CC company for a charge back w/o going through Paypal, won't Paypal drop her account and ebay will NARU her? I thought I heard that before.
  14. Okay, now she has sent me an email stating she will send the bag back w/ tracking. Hmm, I wonder if I can open it down at the post office and ask the postmaster if I can have someone witness it when I open it and take pictures, in case I need proof of what I get back.

    At this point, I wouldn't doubt she would pull a bait and switch.
  15. el monte! that's not too far from an lv store! shouldn't take more than 30 min w/out traffic to beverly center lv... maybe she has buyers remorse?