problem with access

  1. i'm having trouble accessing the main LV forum. i can access the sub forums in LV only. every time i click i get a dialog box asking if i want to save the page etc. etc. what's happening? :sad:
  2. Try to refresh your browser... this should be a browser problem and not a forum problem. Let me ask vlad :yes:
  3. I had probs earlier accessing LV too
  4. Hmm... might be a server side issue. I will have my techs look into it.
  5. I have problems too. Zend Optimiser must be downloaded
  6. I can get into other forums, like Balenciaga and Hermes................
  7. megs - tried the refresh and still no luck :sad:

    kind of glad i'm not the only one experiencing this. but i'll be waiting patiently, thanks for the quick response :smile:
  8. vlad - did the techs have any idea what's going on? i'm still having problems even after the LV forum maintenance period.