Problem with a SNAD


Jul 17, 2010
Hello everyone, a friend directed me here and I hope someone can answer a question for me, I sold a pair of designer earrings on ebay, buyer did not leave feedback, never contacted me, then exactly 30 days later she filed a claim with ebays buyer protection program stating that the earrings were fake. I got a notice from ebay that I had a new case, I read her statement and it said

"Wore earrings several times and now they are tarnishing obviously fake had them authenticated at the store and was told fake"

These earrings were most definetly not fake, I bought them from ann's fabulous finds and everything she sales is authentic. I responded to the case stating where I had bought them etc. But ebay decided in her favor and refunded her then I had the money deducted from my paypal and sent to ebay buyer protection fees. I have had to do a snad with paypal before when a seller sent me a completely different item than what I purchased but before I could get my refund I had to return the item to the seller and give paypal the tracking info. But this buyer still has my earrings! There has been nothing from ebay about her having to return them to me, I have emailed her and she wont respond, I did ebay live help and ask them and they said that the seller may have been instructed to return the items but they could not tell me for sure, and they already refunded her! So my question is will ebay let her keep the earrings and the money? If she doesn't return them to me is there anything I can do? Tuesday will make 2 full weeks since ebay refunded her.
Apr 15, 2007
well, certainly contact PP and speak with a supervisor.. if you have your original receipt from Ann's proving that are the real you can perhaps let the supervisor know that..
she should not be able to keep your earrings and get a refund..