Problem with a seller...

  1. I posted this like six hours ago in the handbags & purses forum by accident and edited asking for a mod to move it here, but maybe I'm supposed to PM one? I don't know, I figured it'd be ok to repost here after that amount of time...

    I bought a monogram partition from a reputable seller, but before buying I e-mailed the seller to ask if there were any odors like I always do. The seller replied that there were no problems at all with the bag. So, thinking I was getting a great deal, I immediately bought it for $219.

    It got here yesterday and it has one of the worst smells I've ever smelled inside an LV bag. I e-mailed the seller about this and asked for a full refund or a partial refund so I could keep the item.

    I really, really want to keep it but they've only offered me $20 as a partial refund. Is this reasonable? $200 for a used partition with a terrible smell? They've apologized and said they can't take a negative profit on the item so that's all they can offer, but I feel really cheated. :crybaby: What do you think?
  2. Is it Le trade?
  3. I don't think it's fair to the seller to post their name on somewhere where so many people will see it, because I think they just made an honest mistake in answering my question.
  4. I'm just asking cause let-trade refund the entire amount when it's a problem of odors.
  5. Oh, I should have added that they said yes to the full refund also, it's just a dilemma for me because I've been wanting a partition for a loooong time. I just don't know if it's the deal I thought it was, you know?
  6. I think you should return it for a full will never be happy with it since there is a good chance you won't be able to get the odor out.
  7. if they said yes to a full refund you should do that sinc eyou're not happy with the item or the partial amount of refund that they offered you.
  8. Sorry you have to deal with this...I want a partition, too (more than a wapity, but I have a thing for vintage). At the same time, I think that if the smell really bothers you, you should just take the full refund and return the bag. I know partitions are difficult to find, but they periodically show up on eBay (for really cheap prices, if you are quick).

    Have you attempted to take out the smell yourself? There are a lot of suggestions on how to take out smells with bags on older threads and many have been successful. I've used dryer sheets and they've worked well. I'm positive that smells aren't permanent. :yes:

    Another option: take it to the boutique and ask to change the lining of the partition...

    I hope this helps!
  9. I absolutely recommend that you accept the refund and you return the item. It will do you no good in that condition. If it smells, then it will pass that horrific odor :throwup: onto the articles that you put it next to.

    BTW, did it come from Hong Kong? Was it a 2nd-hand item? There's been alot of talk of smelly second-hand bags coming from HK and Asia because of the mothballs that they use to prevent bugs from eating the bags.

    I hope you get a refund, b/c you might end up only regretting it later. I'm sure you'll find another partition in the future and for a reasonable price :yes:
  10. I don't think they do refund the entire amount other's pfer had a problem with him when it came to return the bag with no fees.

    I now understand why the bags are so cheap.
  11. If the seller won't work with you, try putting 2 Bounce sheets inside a ziploc bag and keep the ziploc open. Leave it in the bag for at least a week. Keep the bag open. I got my Musette with some pretty nasty odors (also from HK) and after I treated it with the dryer sheets, the smells were gone.
  12. I think when seller's sell items that they know are prine to being stinky and smelly, they should include in the item's description ways in which to rid the horrific odor :throwup:

    Especially if they are sending items from humid places like China & HK where it seems to be a pattern :yes:
  13. thats gross -- so sorry your bag ends up being a stinker.

    I kept one that I bought from a my poupette seller and to this day wish I have returned the thing.
    It made my LV vernis wallet smell and even just sitting in my car you could smell it.
    I say return it.
  14. Hmmmm....I think a partial refund of $20 is fair. It sounds like you got a great deal on the bag. You obviously feel you could either (1) live with the smell or (2) most likely get rid of the smell - otherwise, you wouldn't have asked for a partial refund as an option.

    I would keep the bag and try to get rid of the offensive odor myself and be happy that the seller was willing to work with me in resolving the issue.