Problem with a Seller of Chanel flap

Apr 13, 2009
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I have purchased a flap from supposedly trusted IG seller. The bag was described as "mint" with "minor signs of wear on hardware only". I paid about $5,500 for the bag. The bag I received had dirt all over the leather strap which never was shown or described. It also has a lose thread on inside flap. Once I contacted the seller she offered me either $100 refund or would accept a return. The bag in this color is very hard to find and I was looking for a very long time to get it. I got a quote from Leather Surgeons to fix the strap only (I've noticed a lose thread later). Leather Surgeons can fix it for $220 including shipping. I asked seller to cover this cost and then I would keep the bag. She refused and gave me her original offer $100 refund or return the bag. What is your opinion about this situation and how do you think I should proceed? I really want this bag, but feel it is unfair that I have to enquire extra expense for something that was misrepresented by the seller.


Mar 9, 2020
I second keeping the bag. It's amazing that you would never treat one of your own costumers like this, but unfortunately you not everyone has the same standard. This is not a store bought purchase. Not that I'm saying that that excuses every kind of behavior but I think everybody has their own lesser encounter when buying from anything but the store.

If you already spend thousands on a bag, I wouldn't think about the loss. The financial loss can't compete with the joy from the bag and skippers regret. If this a hard to find color, when will you find it again? And if you find it again, will the condition and the price be as reasonable as this one? That piece of mind is more worth than $120.

If this was not a hard to find color, then I would advise returning it. But I think skippers regret always hits harder than buyers remorse. And my own experience is that these encounters do not leave a bad taste when I actually use the bag.
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May 17, 2015
I second - returning
There is always something new and exciting coming
So if i were u i would return and continue hunting for this bag or will move on !
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Sep 23, 2019
Return, what color is so hard to come by? There is always another bag.Who is this IG seller so we can avoid. Its not right to charge so much without disclosing.