Problem w/ the deerskin luxury line ?

  1. Ok , I just got back from Saks and the SA had some disturbing information for me .

    He said there has been a problem with the color rubbing off the bags ! He said so far he has only personally seen three of them and they were all gold , but he doesn't know why it couldn't happen to the other colors as well .

    I'm looking for a bag to buy and sell on e-bay with my Amex points , so I can have cash , pay down the charge and then run that baby back up again at a later date . Ahh , a vicious circle .

    Anywho , I was really digging the silver deerskin hobo when he dropped this bomb on me . Has anyone had this problem with their bag ?

    What do you ladies suggest I buy that I could get close to retail for ?
    Minus tax and a couple hundred dollars would be ideal . I have 4 grand to spend . I thought I only had three but my fiancee just informed me he got me 4 ! Yay ! They are his points and hes giving them to me . He does this often . He is wonderful .:love: :love:
  2. I've carried my Luxe metallic black flap A LOT and I'm hard on it, it still is pristine, just like the day I bought it months ago!
    I'm think there were a couple of lemons{?} or maybe some people that were exceptionally hard on them.
  3. If you can get your hands on the oversized vinyl bag - GO FOR IT - they can't keep them on the shelves - you could prob MAKE money on them - they are 995 each
  4. Just re-read the Amex points . . . I always bug DH to cash ours into GAP or Banana Republic . . I must be stoned!:lol:
    I'm going to not ask for a while and let him build them back up and hit him up for Saks cards!
    He puts all his work expenses {flights/food/hotels/rental cars} on it and it racks up fast!

  5. Yeah , I talked my fiacee into charging alot of the inventory he uses for his business to his Amex instead of writing checks . He agreed and is charging around 50 grand a month ! Yay for me ! I've already bought four peices of David Yurman , a Chanel bag , a Chanel wallet , Gucci shades and a Nanette Lepore suit ! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. ^OMG! My DH probably spends close to half of that on travel expenses! I just don't know if he's a sgood of a sport as your Fiancee! LOL!
  7. I explained it as he's saving money in the long run .... I'm slightly high maintenance .:angel: :angel: .
  8. aaah, see , my husband has NO idea what these 'little things' really cost! LOL!
  9. I didn't realize the deerskin was made in gold. The only metallic for fall was the bronze.

    My deerskin is black but it doesn't appear to have a metallic finish, only a sheen. It is more matte than last season's goatskin. I'd be surprised if the color rubbed off. He was probably refering to the goatskin metallics of last season since gold was part of that series. Even still, I think a person would have to be really hard on their bags for that to happen.
  10. Hmm...that's interesting . I'll have to doublecheck w/ him . I know I asked him if it was deerskin and he said yes . The silver was deerskin too he said ? It looked like deerskin , the goat is smooth , right ? The silver he just got in today , so it had to be deer . Maybe he meant bronze , but I do remember now that he specifically said the deerskin .
  11. Regarding the colour coming off the bowler bags ... just want to add a word of caution from my SA yesterday. He said it's best not to let the chain come in constant contact with the main body of the bag if you store the bag away in the keeper bag. I thought that would scratch the leather, and he said no. It could result in the colour coming off. I will send him a SMS on his mobile phone to clarify this matter. Will post back here later.
  12. I have in my possession a fall black deerskin bowler and spring black metallic flap. They are two entirely different leathers. Now I am only speaking for the black, not silver or gold, but the fall black deerskin in no way could be considered a metallic bag. The leather has a natural sheen but does not look to be treated with anything to give it a finish. The black metallic goatskin, on the other hand, is a lot stiffer than the deerskin and looks to have a subtle metallic finish that maybe could rub off, but not without a lot of force.

    I haven't seen the fall deerskin metallics so perhaps they were treated differently than the fall goatskin. Neither leather has a smooth texture; both have a grain.
  13. My my...I am doing something wrong. My hubby spends all our points on electronics!:hysteric:
  14. ^uuum, yeah! Get right on that!!!
  15. I know this is off topic - but I have a ton of amex points and had no idea you could cash them in for a Saks gift card? Where have I been? :upsidedown: Anyone know how many points to the dollar for a saks card? Thanks!