Problem w/Seller

  1. Hello Everyone, I was hoping maybe someone could kindly offer me some advice. I have been a buyer on E-bay for several years and I bought a Marc Jacobs Jacket size 8 , sleeves long length. I am normally a Marc Jacobs size 2 but when I see a good deal on E-bay I buy the larger sizes as well. So I currently own (4) Marc Jacob Jackets, which all range from size 2-6. So when I received the Marc Jacobs jacket the sleeves did not fit me, the jacket is either altered or 3/4 quarter length or so funky other length. I alert the Seller saying I never had problem with Marc Jacob jackets not fitting me and this is a larger size than I normally wear so there is not chance that the sleevs shouldn't fit me. Seller says that maybe I am just larger so I tell her my height and weight and explain all the Marc Jacob items I have (which are about 30+) are much smaller sizes so this is not the case here. The Seller offered a refund but won't refund the Shipping Cost. Since I live in Greece the Shipping cost was $20 USD. I am unhappy with the Seller that she won't refund the shipping cost as well as the cost of the jacket because it clearly was not stated in the auction that jacket did not have long sleeves. So I filed a claim on Paypal and Dispute on E-bay. Is there anything else I can do? Should I send the seller a picture of me wearing the jacket so she can see how silly the sleeve length is?
  2. If the sleeves are not as described, then the SNAD you filed should be enough. Definitely take a photo of yourself wearing the jacket so Paypal can see, if needed.
  3. Did the listing indicate the measurements? If it did, it is buyer's responsibility to make sure it fits. If the jacket you received its actual size doesn't match its description, then you could file a SNAD. If the listing didn't indicate its measurements, buyers should always ask if there is a doubt. Even the same brand different style will have different cut. Fit a jacket doesn't mean another coat will fit you. I think this seller is nice to accept return. When we purchase from online stores and make a return, we always have to pay shipping. Unless the seller is cheating, I think it is buyer's responsiblity to pay for shipping.
  4. As a seller I ALWAYS put measurements in a listing, as I buyer I won't purchase unless they are there. I deal in mens suits, and a lot of times they have been altered so the size tag doesn't mean anything.

    I accept refunds but shipping is not refundable unless I made a mistake in the measurements, wich has happened once before:push:
  5. I bought a couple of Marc Jacobs dresses from a seller in Australis and they were all fake!! I didn't pay that much for them so I gave them to my daughter. They were cute just not Marc Jacobs. I could tell they were fake by the fit, a little boxier than what I have in my closet that I bought at Neiman Marcus. Perhaps that is what is going on here. We mostly just have fake purses in America but in the rest of the world they have fake everything.