Problem w. Lunaboston code 'grechen'

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  1. The very first time I tried it, the code went through and I got a little message that said "Congratulations! Your code has gone through." so I know that's the message I'm looking for.

    Recently, though, I entered the coupon code into the line on the checkout screen. I hit enter, and in the next screen, my cart was empty and I didn't get a confirmation message.

    I tried entering something of a different brand but the same thing kept happening.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Any help GREATLY appreciated!!!

  2. Why don't you call Luna Boston and ask if there was a problem?
  3. i had a problem w/ a luna boston code one time, i sent them an email and they responded and fixed it within a few hours. maybe the code has expired?
  4. Figured it out...
    I think it had something to do w. the fact that I was hitting "return" instead of clicking the "checkout" button.

    *feels a little silly*