Problem w/ legacy french framed wallet TAKE 2!!!

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  1. HI, guys! Are you ready to hear something totally amazing that happened to me today? If you recall, I purchased a small black leather legacy french framed wallet about 2 months ago. I wasnt happy w/ the way it was wearing, so I brought it into my boutique to show them. They immediately told me they would send it to JAX free of charge b/c this should not have happened after only ONE month's use (at that is now 2 months, due to the fact that I did not receive the wallet back til yesterday)! I received a letter last week stating that my wallet CANNOT be fixed, and they will be mailing me a brand new replacement wallet! OK!!!! I'M VERY HAPPY!!! Well, the wallet arrived yesterday, and looked like it went through the ringer! It was dented and scratched, the credit card slots were loose (not tight like this wallet SHOULD be), and a stitch on the front of the wallet was loosening up as well...this wallet DID come w/ a tag attached to it. I went up to our outlets to shop w/ my kids for back to school. Went into Coach w/ the wallet in hand, and my shipping slip. They said "no problem, we will call JAX and see how much the refund is for"....she calls JAX....blah blah son, who is 8, is now looking at keyrings....he yells from across the store "HEY MOM....whose name begins w/ a "Q" ???????????????????????" I just shake my head looking at the SA...LOLOL....then she hangs up and proceeds to tell me that JAX told her since this was a "courtesy wallet" being a replacement for the wallet that couldnt be fixed, I cant return it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As she is saying that, she sticks her hand in the back slip pocket of the wallet and..............are you READY for what she pulls out???????......... A BLANK CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SENT ME A USED WALLET!!!!!!!!! I went ballistic yelling that they sent me a USED wallet to replace a wallet that they couldnt fix, how dare they, etc.....she says to me..."OH....I thought this was YOUR check!" (the check was from South Carolina, and we are in NY....DEEP into NY...and I have NEVER been to South Carolina, ironically enough!!!!)....."sorry....Let me go talk to my manager." So off she son yells "HEY MOM....WHOSE NAME BEGINS W/ AN "X"?????" I ignore him b/c steam must have been coming out of my ears at this point!!! She comes back WITH the manager who asks me to explain the situation...I tell her I bought this wallet a month ago....I didnt like how it was wearing, and showed her the spots that were worn on my "old" wallet....JAX couldnt fix it, so they sent me THIS one, which LOOKS used, and obviosuly IS b/c your SA just found a BLANK CHECK in it! How can they send me USED merchandise...they will NOT get away w/ this!!!" She then says she is VERY sorry for this, and will give me FULL store credit for the wallet ($236 w/ my NY tax). I thank her very much, take my credit and disgusting is THAT! I still cant get over the fact they sent me a USED wallet and thought they would get away w/ it by saying it was "courtesy merchandise"!!!!! I am steamed! I cant do anything or say anything about it, b/c, after all, I did get a full credit, but still...they should NOT get away w/ sending out used merchandise to ANYONE, courtesy or not....just wanted to see what you girls thought of THIS!!!! Steam is STILL coming out of my ears and this was 9 hours ago!!!! :push:
  2. I'm actually REALLY glad you posted this because I thought I was going crazy & the SA's at my store made me feel like I was a criminal this past weekend.

    I had ordered a bag from JAX during PCE. Unpacked it but never used it. I took it (and some outlet stuff) back to the boutique on Saturday. When they were doing my return they checked to see that the tag was in place & then proceeded to take all the 'stuffing' out.. the SA whispered to the other & they both proceeded to GLARE at me & asked if I had used the bag? I was a bit put off by the question because I absolutely hadn't. They then proceeded to start shaking crumbs & white (pet?) hair from the bag & continued to drill me.. Where did I get it from? This store? Are you sure you haven't used it? That they remember be buying a dog collar, is my dog White? and on & on... I started to get really embarrassed (there were other customers in the store) so I showed them the JAX shipping invoice & repeatedly told them that I'd ordered it, received it, went on vacation & that it had sat unused in the gift box the entire time. When I suggested that JAX must have sent me a used bag, I was pretty much scolded that JAX would NEVER send a bag in that condition. After 10 minutes of this I ended up having to ask if they were going to accept the return or not.. they did, only after I commented that I shop there ALL THE TIME.

    I truely was mortified at the situation & the thought of the SA's talking about me... but I feel better that I'm not the only one out there that has experienced something like this!

    I feel like printing this out & showing my SA's! If only to feel vindicated!
  3. It does make you wonder....if this wallet was pulled from stock to send to you as a "courtesy wallet", then it could have just as easily been sent to anyone of us, had we placed an order for the wallet. Either way it is misleading and wrong. After all it would be like wearing something for a couple of weeks and returning it as new/never used. IMO. I would hope that the person the accepted that return, mishandled it and this is not a practice. :shocked::hrmm::oh: Maybe that is what happen, someone left the tags on the wallet, used it for a couple weeks or so, and then returned it. (Still wrong that you were sent a used wallet, just hoping this wouldn't be a practice).

    Sorry this happen to you.:heart:

    ^^^^I guess it is a practice. So sorry for both of you.:sad:
  4. ...and the thing that got to me most, was that the person who owned the wallet and returned it LEFT A BLANK CHECK IN THERE!!! W/ all the things you hear about identity theft, they go and leave a BLANK CHECK in a wallet to land up in G-d knows who's hands!!! AMAZING!!!
  5. OMG...that is just....GROSS!!!! EWWWWW.... They have GOT to be more careful and beef up their QC, IMO!
  6. Wow. I hate hearing stuff like this. I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say!
  7. I am so glad u got ur credit! but good for u not taking no for an answer. funny that the customer is assumed to b the guilty party in some instances. i understand that mistakes happen, but we seem to b hearing an awful lot of horror stories from coach lately.
  8. When I got the " last rose shoulder bag". JAX sent me a used one (or at least a store display with ink marks on it).

    I mentioned it before. Returned bags do go to other customers. So if a bag or wallet was returned to JAX, it may go out tos someone else.
  9. I wonder if there is a way we can REQUEST for them to NOT send prior returned merchandise when we place our order. For the money we spend on these items, we should NOT be getting USED merchandise!
  10. A similar thing happened to me when I returned a bag yesterday! The woman told me the bag had been used and showed me the spots (corners were worn, there was a red spot from a red sweater or something). I swore up and down that I hadn't used the bag, which I of course hadn't, but she kinda made me feel really bad for returning something in that condition. I had ordered it and it was probably shipped from another store. She said the plastic ring that holds the tag on wasn't even the kind Coach uses. So I'm assuming someone returned it to another store after having worn it. The SA seemed to believe me in the end, mentioning that I come in a lot and told me to bring in he packing slip that would say which store shipped it. Unfortunately I don't have the slip. Luckily I got my refund but I was horrified that they would have allowed that bag to ship!
  11. on the other hand, we welcome the lenient return policy. i just thing any returned merchandise send ot other customers should b in mint condition. it shouldnt b stretched or sractehd or have stuff in it!
  12. I totally agree w/ you...even after today! :yes:
  13. The reason used bags/accessories get mailed to and are given to customers is because people return used bags all the time. We see it around here a lot. People will post and say they "only used it once or twice" and decided they just didn't like it so they returned it (or whatever). It steams me to no end because I would never return used merchandise and therefore I expect new merchandise when I make a purchase. I am NOT going to spend upwards of $200 for a wallet or $500 for a bag only to receive something that someone else used; that is not an unreasonable expectation, either. I expect boutique purchases and/or special orders to be brand new - period. If I wanted used I'd buy on eBay for half price.

    Mommyville, I am sorry for your experience but I am glad that it ended up well. :yes:
  14. :yucky: yuck.....I second that QC needs to be beefed up. Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more stories related to this one. I NEVER want to order from JAX for this very reason. If I can, I buy directly from the boutique and I often ask them to bring two of the same item out so that I can choose between them. They think I'm nuts to request this but its especially true with all leather items. You have to inspect the quality because its not a given anymore.:tdown: BUT to receive "used" merchandise!? That is just COMPLETELY unacceptable IMO.
  15. Thanks, Mokoni! I'm w/ you! I would NEVER return used merchandise....I have used bags for ONE day, decided I didnt like them for some reason, and just went off to sell them on eBay. Some people are just rude! And to leave a BLANK CHECK in the wallet...that's just STUPID!!!!! Luckily I wasnt a convict!!!! LOLOLOLOL :supacool: