Problem w/ gift w/ purchase on

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    After receiving the newsletter from about the gift with purchase, I have been stalking the website everyday. I have been looking for a G21 RG Bleu Lavande Day for a few months now and wanted to see if I would be lucky enough to buy it this time with a free Tiny City.

    Last Saturday I woke up in the morning and did my daily routine, and there it was, I could not believe they have it in stock again! So I placed my order right away, and sent an email to the online shop customer service about the color choice for the Tiny City. I had call them and that's what they told me to do after my purchase. The status of the bag changed to "Sold Out" after I purchased. I was so relieved I had acted on it right away.

    When I called this morning again to check which Tiny City they have picked pursuant to my email, they told me only Cassis and Gris Tarmac Tiny City was designated as the gift with purchase color (uhhh...why didn't they tell that to me before?? then i would not have put Lagon or Mangue as my choices...) and also they told me all the Tiny Citys in these two colors are gone even though they show as "available" for purchase in the online store (plenty in stock!!). They said the inventory info online is not accurate (Can they explain why if I put the last inventory of a certain style/color in my shopping cart, the status changes to "out of stock" right away?? I have seen this so many times!).

    Instead, they gave me a Mangue Tiny First. >.< I already have a tiny first in Cyclamen and since it does not hold much at all, I want the Tiny City that can hold at least some store cards. However given the situations above, they would still not consider my request, not to mention that today the promotion has ended so there will be not any more depletion of their existing inventory.

    It is a small favor for the company but it could mean a lot to the consumer. As a Bal collector, although I'm not lucky enough to buy every piece I like, but I have been building my little Bal family one piece at a time. I'm very disappointed at the inaccurate info the online customer service provides and the indifference of their attitude to the loyal customer. :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  2. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. The good news is that you got your BL RGGH City! That is huge!! The free gift thing is disappointing, but it is a free gift. They should have done some sort of rain check or sent one out when they had more stock or found it from a boutique that had it in stock. Anyway, enjoy it and your new city!
  3. Thank you for the comfort Saira1214. I was going to wait and maybe save a little more before getting the BL, even a good used one would work for me. But with the influence of the potential Tiny City, I took the plunge. Thought that would justify the fact of paying full price + tax for the bag (I've been buying the previous few bags from HGBags). But now I kinda feel guilty about my purchase :-s
  4. rachelkitty I'm sorry. I agree, they should not be falsely advertising things and then not caring about your situation. If you are feeling guilty about it I would return it. Preloved ones always pop's just a matter of time. And the waiting game is fun! You get to go search for it....part of the thrill.
  5. I would return the bag. Maybe they will let you keep the Free GIFT.

  6. I called the NY store the day I received the email and I was told they already ran out of all the gifts. And I could only order online and hoped to get a tiny city. But nope, I got a Mangue tiny first. :shucks:
  7. sorry to hear about your situation, I know how frustrating it it..
    I'm gonna mail order a pt from bal cannes, I asked the SA abt the free gift, he said unfortunately the promo is not available in Europe, sucks.
    oh, btw, there's on BL Day rggh on BNZ ;)
  8. You are right, I just have to look in the right places for a preloved one to come along. Thank you dear!!
  9. I doubt they would be that kind. Free gift is always nice, but Tiny City would be even nicer. I know I'm stubborn...
  10. That's bull. First day and already ran out... they should have known the effect of free gifts to a name brand store and they should have known customer behavior better. It makes me feel that they did not plan very well on this promotion. Aww so how did you like the Mangue tiny first? Did it grow on you or do you still plan to buy a tiny city?
  11. That sucks the promotion is not consistent... is the price lower to order from Europe? Maybe the difference can make up for a keychain :P Thank you so much for the heads up on BNZ!! I'm considering returning the order from the website now.
  12. It is so weird that they told you a different thing from what they told me! I enquired on the 24th of September about the colors available and this is what they said "The GWP is either a Tiny First or Tiny City in Mangue or Cassis. This gift is automatically included with your arena handbag purchase of $1445 and higher."

    I didn't know that we were allowed to choose. How did you make your choices? I would have picked a Gris Tarmac tiny city if I had known that it was available!

    I ordered an Anthracity GGH city and I received a Tiny Cassis City with purchase.