problem on baby spy screws - help!

  1. hi there! the screws on the leather pull of my baby spy keeps falling out!! :confused1::wtf::crybaby:

    i tried to tighten them but they just keep on loosening up after a couple of days and i'm so scared they might fall off when i'm not looking!!

    i hate to scratch the hardware this early.. any ideas on how to fix this? anybody else got the same problem??
  2. i did with fell off one time but eventually when hubby screwed it up again, it was fine from then on. Better bring it to a Fendi store and let them have a look..good luck!
  3. i reviewed some of the threads and read about this same problem. i also saw a bag from pinchrosemary that had no leather pull coz the screw fell off. hope it doesnt happen to me... coz there's no exclusive fendi store in manila and it will probably take months before they can be replaced - if ever!!

    thanks again.... =)
  4. I think I will glue it permanently if it happened again.
  5. Hmmm...this hasn't happened to mine but now I'm going to go home and check mine out. Thanks for the heads up....I had no idea this could happen.:sad:
  6. thank you all!! .... maybe i didnt screw it tight enough coz i was scared i'd scratch it :sad:
  7. Oh my God, the exact same thing happened to me yesterday and I've lost the screw!! Luckily I noticed that the leather attachment had fallen off otherwise I would have lost that too. My dad bought the bag for me when he was in America so I don't have a clue where to take it to get fixed. I live in Glasgow, does anyone know if there's a Fendi boutique in Harvey Nic's in Edinburgh? Or do you guys think I should just go and buy a new screw and try fix it myself?
    I'm SO annoyed!! I'm going out tomorrow and I really wanted to wear my bag!!
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Any suggestions anyone? Sorry but I'm useless at these kind of things!