Problem of Hillier Dust Bag

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  1. I purchased MBMJ Huge Hillier from NM recently. When it arrived, the bag was put inside the dust bag. No plastic bag at all. The dust bag has MBMJ prints on it but looks worn and dirty.

    Normally when I order a bag online, it should arrive in a plastic bag, and the dust bag should be fold nicely and put inside the bag.

    So my question is: Is it normal? Is this bag is used (returned) one? Shall I contact NM customer service for exchange?

  2. I haven't bought a bag from NM in a very long time, but whenever I purchase a bag from Nordstroms or the MJ store, they take the sleeper out of the bag and put the handbag inside of the sleeper. Of course, they usually then put that into a shopping bag, but since this was an online purchase I don't think it's unusual to come inside the sleeper wrapped in a box (in fact, I prefer that they put my bag inside te sleeper instead of leaving it inside the bag)
  3. Is the bag dirty and worn or just the dust bag?
    If the bag is fine it really wouldn't bother me.I don't order much online, but all the ones I've received were put into the dustbag and then into a bag/box. I really don't like the idea of a leather bag being put into a plastic bag. If it bothers you, contact cs and asked for a new one.
    Congratulations the Hillier is such a great bag and what colour did you get?
  4. thanks Iluvmybags and Beany!
    Only the dust bag is dirty and worn. The bag itself is good. I contacted NM cs, and they are going to send me a new dust bag.

    I got the violet color. It looks great with black or grey coat.