Problem: Knee High Boots for us with small ankles!

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  1. My problem is that whenever i buy a pair of boots (think soft leather with side zip). The ankle gets extremely bagging and the leather doesnt hug my calf properly. does anyone else have this problem and what can be done to stop it. Also has anyone heard of taking your boots to a cobbler and have them able to take the boots in (make them slimmer from bottom to top? TIA!
  2. I have the same problem. Even with socks!

    I have slim ankles and calves and most boots are too wide for me. My calves measures 12" around the biggest part so I almost always have to have them resized.

    I can't wear Frye boots and now almost always stick to European designers for boots. Firstly, they are cut smaller and slimmer. Yes, they are more expensive BUT the cost of resizing your boots adds up so you may as well splurge in the first place.

    I like CL boots as well as the lace-up designs from Prada.
  3. My Louboutin boots are the only ones I've found that were small enough around the calf area. I think the ankle might have a little room because otherwise you wouldn't be able to get your foot into it.
  4. Linpaddy: Have you tried on or do you own these Prada boots? If so what can you tell me about them?

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  5. I am sure some cobblers, boot makers can correct the problem - but, not all!! I paid for a pair of custom moto boots to be made for me; they took measurements, drew out my design, etc.
    The finished product was horrendous - super tight on top, and completely baggy at the ankle, :cursing: - if you did take a pair of boots to a cobbler to be fitted to you just make sure they have done it before.

    Oh, and I have had some Donald Pliner stretch leather boots that were tight where they needed to be.
  6. Although they may be a little avant-garde for your taste, Cydwoq boots are fantastic for those with small ankles (especially the styles in the "Vintage" line). They are handmade and mold to the individual leg. When I bought my Cydwoq boots, I thought they were almost too slim through the ankle--and mine are small--but within an hour of wearing, they felt wonderful. Plus, the look is so beautiful in profile because they don't sag and really conform to your leg's shape. Here are a couple styles I especially like (although I don't own either--I do own a mid-calf style called "Campus"):

    1) This one is called "Direct":

    2) This one, which I love because its green is dark enough to work as black but offers a bit of a change, is the "Move":
  7. biviel makes cute boots with slim shafts
  8. I have the same problem, but I may have found some solutions as a result of this thread; thanks ladies! Both of those pairs of Cydwoq boots shown above are gorgeous...
  9. I have this problem too. Have you tried Clergerie boots? They have a few stretch leather styles I've been eyeing, which look quite slim. I've seen these in person, but not tried them as they didn't have my size. They're very soft and stretchy suede.


    I spoke to a reputable cobbler about resizing my beloved Tapeet boots. He quoted me about $100, since they have to take the whole thing apart and put it back together. I'm not sure if I'll have them do it; I'm worried it won't go well, as Loganz said.

    I really like those first Cydwoq boots!

  10. I'm waiting for mine to come in. :nuts:

    My SA assured me that I will be able to adjust them but she's still worried that the boot wouldn't look right after I tighten the lace.

    For the price, I expect the boots to fit really well even after lacing up.

    I will update you when I receive them!

  11. Too Funny - I ordered them from Saks on Fri..NDA - so I can get them Monday!! I had some GC's and I wanted to take advantage of the GC event too.

    I will tell you what I think too...:smile: - they'd better look ok after being tightened for that price :sweatdrop:.
  12. The boots are so expensive that they better fit right!

    I was very excited about the ABS heel. No idea what it is but my SA says that the boots have some traction. I know that Prada has been incorporating rubber anti-slip inserts into their regular leather sole.

    I'm just loving Prada's soft comfy. The soles are also really beautiful, either black or pink with the gold logo. The anti slip inserts really help with traction and help your soles last longer. And they are in the same shade as the leather soles so they look really nice too!

    I wish that most major shoe designers would do the same.
  13. All the boots are saggy at my ankles, I have extremely bony ankles. I usually wear pretty thick socks to make the area fuller.;)
    Anyway i also have slim calves, and most boots are too big for me but i don't care.
  14. I find that Gucci are perfect for small ankles. My Gucci boots never sag.