Problem/Issue with an SA

  1. Hi

    I don't want to blow this out of proportion but I would be interested in people's view.

    I have only recently come to really want a Hermes bag and live in a country with only one store. I went in recently enough i.e. about 2 months ago, and I talked away to a very lovely SA. I'd prefer not to give any more details because this is a personal view and she may well be lovely to others. After discussing and almost going away with a bolide, I realised that I just really wanted a birkin first and I was prepared to wait. I was told that the list would open again in the Fall.
    Then out of the blue I was shown a Black 35 cm Birkin in a leather that I didn't know. It was very rigid and with PH. I regret it now to a certin extent but I decided on the spot that it wasn't right and I declined. I both a Chevre Mysore bearn instead and have 2 scarves since.

    What is becoming clear to me now is that the SA has no intention of ever putting me on any list. I have called only 2 times to see if there's any further detail as to when it'll open and I can safely say that it has been made very very very clear to me that I am not in favour. Generally cold, icy attitude and response is very negative "oh, that'll be months". On the second call I was told that it was unlikely to open again for 2 years.
    Last week I was in getting a scarf and I was completely ignored by this SA even though I was in front of her for 5 mins while another was packaging and taking payment.
    This SA is in a senior position and I understand that the popularity of the bags is such that she can afford to alienate a customer.

    My query therefore is whether I should simply forget the whole enterprise or travel to other stores? I should say that a fantastic SA from another country has kindly offered me Kellys and Bolides which would involve travelling overseas to purchase as that store doesn't ship. What bothers me is that I am likely to be a customer for many years and it would be much much more convenient not to travel just to get H.

    Thanks. Sorry this was so long.
  2. Wow.

    And people wonder why resellers do such booming business!!! Gee, could it be customer service?!

    I am really sorry that you had this experience. Is it possible that the SA just didn't recall meeting you that first time? They do deal with quite a few people in a day, and if it's been two months it's likely that she has just forgotten your initial rather warm interactions. Still, it's really a shame that she was ICY to you like that!
    Maybe this suggestion will help you...whenever I can, if I am going to be visiting any boutique that I'm not in very, very often, I call ahead and ask to talk to the specific SA I have previously met. I tell that person I'm coming in sometime in the next few days and I'd like to make sure that they were there because I enjoyed working with her/him on whatever it was that I bought or looked at on the previous visit. This seems to warm them right up and then when I do walk in, the recollection of the recent phone call seems to help them remember my face as well.
    Again, I am sorry this happened to you. It's such a shame that people have to go to these kinds of lengths, traveling outside their home COUNTRY!!! to be favored enough to buy a piece of merchandise from a company.
  3. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is great to hear someone gets this. I am totally aware that it is ridiculous to just go in and ask for a Birkin. I really was not intending to do that, and hope that the 2 phonecalls I made don't put me into that category. But I am pretty thick skinned and I was surprised by the intentionally obvious rude tone that I got when I rang.
    What seems clear to me is that the SA, for reasons best known to herself, has taken grave umbrage at my decision not to purchase the Birkin back then. I think that she intended it to be a favour and has taken my decision personally. I would have thought that purchasing what I have in the last 2 months would give some comfort that it's a brand I would be likely to devleop a loyalty towards.

    Enough ranting! Net effect, I think is that I just have to accept that I will not receive either the service or the items that I am looking for from this store. So whether I like it or not I think I am limited to going overseas. I would love to have the confidence to but online but I know that I don't. Not at these prices.

    What's bizarre, is that the overseas SA could not be nicer. I have rung a few times and she has very kindly told me what she has in stock and thus far nothing suitable has come up.
  4. Feh. The power trip some of these SAs get on is just beyond me!
    You sound like you have a good attitude about it, at least. I personally would be furious, but I can be incredibly imperious if the occasion warrants. LOL
  5. ps I should have said that there's no doubt at all that the SA knew me when I came in. There aren't exactly riots at the H store here and it was obvious that she recognised me.

    I'm tempted to ring and simply say that it appears that there is some reluctance to facilitate an order and that if it is the case that I would welcome knowing that rather than waiting in vain to put in an order I will never get to actually make. I'm not too sure that approach recommends itself though. I like to deal directly with things and just ask straight out whether there is an issue, I expect in this instance that I will be simply told that there is no such issue etc etc.
  6. Your story is awful sarachryan.

    But you done the right thing. Why should you have to spend thousands on a bag, which is not exactly what you want, just to ingratiate yourself into a relationship with an SA?

    I have been into a few stores, and have found the SAs can be very intimadating. But could you not try to establish a relationship with a different SA in the same store. Like Cynthia said, you could then phone, and keep in touch with them, and request them to help them in your search, whether it is for scarves or accessories.

    I have a fabulous relationship with 2 SAs, that I have never even met in real life!!! But they recognise my voice over the phone!!! And they are really helpful and have offered to get something from another store , and send it out to me on approval.

    I am sure you can resolve this, without having to travel overseas. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. I hate to say this but if you have a man in your life I would have him tell the SA he wants to surprise his wife/sister/mother with a Birkin. I would have him call ahead like Cynthia mentioned and then go and meet the SA to check in and let her know he is a serious buyer.
  8. You'd think so.

    But honestly, this is a super small store - a concession. This SA is in charge.
    It's hilarious in one way because I'm a real creature of habit. Any clothes I buy, I buy from the same store. They ring me when there's stuff in etc. If I was only allowed to I expect this would have gone the same way.

    The difference in approach of the two SAs is so dramatic that I think I've no option at this stage.
  9. Yes, it's sad that this type of thing does happen.....I can attest to that personally as I've had similar exeriences with my own, local store. Coldness and aloof is the name of the day there although I've purchased leather accessories and many scarves over the course of time. I buy my bags in other stores and through resellers and that's what I've come to accept as way it will always be for me with this particular store.
  10. My boyfriend is not Birkin friendly. He's not someone who appreciates fine craftmanship! I have a lot of Lanvin bags and I have lied about the price of every single one.

    I don't want to ID the store because I think that possibly isn't fair and I do expect that this lady is perfectly helpful to most people. It seems that my refusal was taken personally and I don't see what I can do to deal with that approach.

    On the second call I was conscious of a very frosty tone and just to test the response I asked whether it would be possible to order a black bolide. I was told that this would take "at least 2 years" before I could order it. That confirmed to me that there isn't any great desire there to facilitate at all.
  11. When I refuse bags, I do tend to send my SA a thank you note for thinking of me. Perhaps this will remedy the situation here?
  12. My store is rather small too and it was mentioned to me that perhaps I should try a different SA.......could that work for you?

    In my case, it didn't work because everyone deferred to my old SA anyway. Very frustrating........
  13. Don't give up.
    Much of this process is a combination of determination and luck. Yes, luck. On any given day things just have to line up for you and when they will happen. Keep shopping, keep smiling, and keep going to your boutique. Have your money ready and sooner or later your bag will be offered to you.

    Best of will need a little of it. Trust me!
  14. I agree with that approach. That was why the first call I made was to say thanks and say that I looked forward to putting name on list. I had been told in the store that it was likely to be open in about 2 months. On the phone I was told "months and months" and it was intentionally quite dismissive and aloof. I have no doubt whatsoever that the attitude is that I had my chance and I can now suffer the consequences.

    The store is small, with a large wait list and it seems that there's no difficulty selling these bags so therefore I am perceived as having personally slighted this SA. That's all undesirable but also unwarranted. I genuinely don't see what I can do to remedy it. There is an element of the meglomaniac about this and although I have since bought a number of items I have absolutely no doubt that I will not be able to purchase what I want.:crybaby:
  15. Again, I have to say WOW. She definitely recognized you, and just doesn't want your business for whatever personal reason she might have concocted.
    I honestly don't know how these types of stores (especially concessions!!) expect to stay in business if they act that way. And more importantly, WHY in the name of cheese do they think it is going to work to their advantage?? I just honestly don't get it.

    Like you, I am very direct, although to be honest I do find that sometimes my approach can be taken, um, badly. :p I just don't like people dithering around like that or being passive aggressive, which this woman certainly was!! I don't have much patience for "attitude" from anyone. Especially not salespeople whose whole job should be facilitating the purchase!

    Rose's idea of sending a thank you note to the SA for thinking of her/offering her the bag sounds very nice, though, if you wanted to try another effort at patching things up with this SA so you don't have to shlep all over the known universe to buy a bag.

    I really am sorry you (and so many others, from the sound of it!) have had to deal with this. I do hope that you find a reliable and pleasant source, even if that means you have to travel a long way. It's a terrible shame though.