Problem in Paris!

  1. Ladies I need your advice, I was all set to purchase a collier de chien bracelet in black box with palladium hardware during my trip to Paris but according to the SA they are all out!?! I had always heard of the difficulty of purchasing Hermes items but frankly I thought this one was pretty basic. I was able to pick up some nice ties for my boyfriend and father and a tea cup for my mother, but I'm soooooo disapointed about the bracelet. Is this combo often available in the US? It seems that it might be less special then a purchase in Paris?!? I've actually looked around many other shops but I really wanted this bracelet.
  2. NYC usually carries them. They don't have too many colors right now, but if you're willing to wait, call around the holidays. That store is extremely well-stocked after Thanksgiving. But make sure to check right after Thanksgiving as they run out of small leather goods very quickly. If you're not too picky, a good alternative might be black chamonix with palladium. They seem to be carrying more chamonix collier de chien cuffs lately than box.
  3. Chamonix is the suede right?
  4. No, chamonix is like matte box. Velours doblis is suede.