Problem...I cannot use any of my other handbags...

  1. Right now I am sooo into LV that I never touch my Gucci (which is almost new) and Prada....I only will carry LV....I attempted to take my gucci boston out today and put it back in favor of an LV....I just cannot even look at my other designer is LV or nothing in the morning...I love my LV more even though some of my gucci's and prada's are much more expensive...anyone out there have this weird experience where you will not carry your other designer bags...also my gucci's are from this summer brand new end of season sale and I have used them only a handful of times...this is so sad for these bags.....
  2. Give em to me:nuts: J/K I know how that is, once you go to LV it's hard to turn back, even when you carry another brand, while your out and about, your saying to yourself, damn I should have took my LV instead:upsidedown:
  3. im exactly the same..once i started my affair with LV..i sold all my dior and coach bags..
  4. No, not really. My last one is always my favorite at the moment and I tend to pay all my attention to it. But I always take my older ones out eventually and as soon as the "newness" rubs off, it's back to paying them equal attention
  5. ITA, it takes awhile, but you will start using different ones based on your outfit, weather, mood, etc :smile:
  6. I know what you mean, I sold all my coach and gucci because I never use them anymore. I was getting into Chanel but after using it for a while I always wanted to go back to my LV so I'm letting that go too.
  7. I get physically ill if anybody suggests I buy another brand:P
  8. I KNOW I KNOW...LV is the only brand I will buy more gucci or prada...or chanel....I want only LV and I cannot explain it....
  9. :yes: ... yup! dont know what happened... just so into LV now.:love:
    oh! and I still wanna have Chanel...:heart:
    I'm actually selling almost all my other bags at the moment...:shame:
  10. Coach will always be my first designer love, but now I'm starting to be more of an LV girl.
  11. I can kinda relate, but I don't have a big collection with other brands (my main collection is strictly LV!) My problem is is that I can't see myself buy any other brands but LV...I realized this when I saw the Coach bag that I wanted at the mall. It was so pretty, but for the price, all I kept thinking was, "I could get a LV at this price!" I would love it if someone bought me a different brand (such as a Gucci, Coach, or even a dooney); I'd be so happy!
  12. LVpug, have you considered selling your Gucci's and Prada's? I remember you got some really pretty Gucci's a few months ago and I bet they'd sell well!
  13. ^good idea!! Sell them for more LV:smile:
  14. I feel the same way. In fact, I never carry any of my other bags. The last time I did, I regretted not having my lv on my arm. My sister and my mom are getting my Coach collection for their Christmas presents. I just hate to see them not getting used. There's just somethin about lv........:girlsigh:
  15. LV Pug, you should sell your other bags, that way you will have more funds for more LV that you love so much!! I actually gave away most of my other designer bags to my mother just recently. I only have a small Fendi Baguette, Dior saddle pouchette, a Tory Burch metallic suede shoulder bag and a TDF Ferragamo shearling satchel that I'm too scared to use because it's a light color (creme) and it's suede with the shearling lining so it can be easily stained and it's very $$ so I've only used it twice!! Now that I have my all weather damier speedy, I will use this bag all fall/winter long and I will get something else before my trip to FL....I want a fun bright LV bag for my trip, when the time comes, I'll ask for all your opinions on my choices! That won't be until January.....can't wait to buy my next LV....I think for me too, it will be LV from here on out....can't help it! :yes: :nuts: