Problem copying and pasting photos...confused about photo restrictions

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  1. help :sweatdrop:

    Prior to the new photos restrictions--which limits the domain names / Internet addresses that photos can be hotlinked/posted from--one could copy and paste a photo from fBay either using the right-click feature (copy image, paste image) or by highlighting and pasting the image right on the message box (without using the Insert Image feature). I noticed I couldn't do that anymore a while back, and then found out about the restrictions. I figured my inability to copy and paste photos here was directly linked to the new restrictions.

    But then I noticed that others are have continued to be able to copy and paste photos from, for example, fBay to post on the deals threads. I thought they were saving the photos to their discs, uploading them into sites like photobucket, and then using the Insert Picture feature to post them. That takes a long time to do, especially kuZ the photo host sites are slow, and fills up the albums because of the many pictures we post in the deals and authentication threads. That's why I stopped posting deals. But then I found out that they're not having to do this at all, that they continue to simply copy and paste the photos. When I do it, this is what happens:

    copying image, pasting image:


    copying image location, pasting it:

    copying image location, pasting it in the Insert Picture box (in this case the photo shows up but disappears when I submit the post

    How can we copy and post photos for threads like the deals and authentication threads without having to upload them to one of the hosting sites?

    Can someone help me, pleeeZ? thanKZ!
  2. I'm not too sure that you can just copy and paste?! I think you must use a hosting site to alter photos (I use photobucket which it quite easy)....

    Posting Photos
  3. That's what I thought, but everyone I've talked to tonight did tests and they were all able to copy and paste photos from ebay--using PC and Mac, and using Firefox and Explorer. I thought they were bypassing the new system somehow, but, NO, they're copying and pasting like were all able to do before the change. That's why I'm confused. I don't know how people using the same equipment I use can copy and paste, and not me. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong in the process.
  4. ^ I would definitely like to know if there is some way if doing it too...... I didn't realise there was :confused1:
  5. That makes two of us, my fRRReNd.

    (BTW, Coco, I've always admired your avatar and sig photos--the colors are out-of-this-world awesome!)
  6. one more :yes:
  7. Anybody? Mods? Adms? Can anyone clarify this for us? TIA.
  8. I have added the domain to the whitelist.
  9. Thanks, Vlad :tup:


  10. Cool! It worked! :wlae:
  11. whitelist? what am I missing??? help me karmen!!!
  12. try to see Vlad´s post # 8