Problem area?!

  1. Do you have a problem area where you gain at it more than any where else on your body?

    I have a huge butt, well fatter lower body compared to the upper. I wear 2 sizes smaller on the top compared to my bottom.

  2. Yah! I find I tend to gain weight more on my lower my legs get disproportionately fatter. I have to be in great shape to have decent legs...=(. *sigh*
  3. MY STOMACH!!!

    I just don't see a difference in my stomach, though I see it everywhere else! I lost 8 pounds and I feel like my stomach is just as huge as ever. boo.
  4. Stomach!
    ARGH it's so hard for me to lose weight from there.

    Go away belly!
  5. My stomach. lol.
  6. stomach. i WISH it went to my ass. my ass is so puny and my tummy so diproportionately large that when i wear jeans that fit around the waist, i look like god forgot to attach an ass when he made me.
  7. My stomach and upper thighs :sad:
  8. my stomach and arms...theyre not kidding. i kust dont know what to do with them anymore
  9. Butt, thighs, stomach. :sad:
  10. stomach!!
  11. stomach.
  12. I wish it is my stomach, you can hide your stomach but can never hide bigg but and huge thighs
  13. Hips and butt - but at least my BF doesn't consider it a 'problem' area.
  14. Tummy and waist!
  15. Stomach and upper thighs. It will not go away.