Tech Problem accessing TPF from my Reclaim

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  1. Hi everyone, if this has an answer somewhere please let me know! I was just wondering because I had my old Reclaim reset and it no longer let me get to TPF!! It and my replacement keep telling me memory shortage!! I don't understand why because I used to be able to get to it just fine! Is there something I can do??
  2. Can you access any other websites?
  3. Charles: Thanks for your reply! Yes I can access other websites. Some of them give me the memory shortage thing and others allow me on just fine.
  4. The only think I can think of is that you have processes running in the background that might be taking up memory on your phone. Do you have a task manager of sorts? Something that tells you all the programs/processes running?
    Do you have bluetooth off and wifi?
  5. Hmmm I can try signing out of all my IM's to see if that helps, just in case but I highly doubt it since the first thing I did when I got the replacement was try to access TPF first. My bluetooth is disabled and I don't think this phone has a wifi capability unfortunately. It's not as good as a smart phone.
  6. Hmm no luck with signing out of the IM's. The guy on the phone thought it might be because this site changed its cookies? But I don't know what that means X.x