probably today...

  1. Probably my wonderful bag arrives today...:love:
    i need your positive thoughts;)...
  2. :gasp: What are you gettinnnnnng, tell us, tell us!
  3. ^^what is it:graucho: IT will arrive soon:heart:
  4. Awww, what is it?
    I haven't been around here that often lately... did I miss something?
  5. Yeah I wanna know too :yes:
  6. I know the feeling......... just look at my signature.....and it's been that way since last Friday!!!!!!

    :shrugs: :confused1:

    living in Alaska sucks because it's so far away... but I quickly slap :noggin: myself and remember that this land is too beautiful to complain about.... for any reason.
  7. the hamstead???
  8. Still no pix yet? Gosh I wish those mail man can drink some reb bulls and have wings instead of driving the slow truck!
  9. I hate waiting for things! Hope it comes!!!
  10. I have all faith in it arriving today! Fingers crossed.
  11. :yahoo:It is arrived!(or it has? boh!)
    :wlae:I'm going to get it!
    I really want to thank you for your good vibrations... :kiss:
    this evening I will post the pics with my husband's help!
    But 'till that moment... top secret!:graucho:
  12. ahhhh suspense XD
  13. congrats, can't wait to see pics.
  14. Can we at least have a hint??? I can't wait to see
  15. Good vibes to you. :smile: