Probably not a good idea, but...

  1. I found a (costly) bag that I really, really, really want on eBay. I have the same bag in a different color and absolutely LOVE it! It is very rare and exactly what I want. I love the bag I have but the color is not "everyday" practical. The one on eBay is the color I want. With all that said, the seller is new on eBay and has zero feedback. Ugh =( From the pictures, the bag absolutely looks real (since I'm able to compare to my own bag). But there are other risks, like never receiving the bag. The seller takes paypal only, so that makes me a little more comfortable, but let's face's probably not a good idea, huh?

    BTW, by costly I mean $1500!!!
  2. You could post a link in the "authenticate this" forum to double-check with the experts here. Also there are some independent sites that offer authentication services (like My Poupette). It's always good to get a second opinion!
  3. Go back through the closed auctions and make sure the photos aren't stolen. That's the only real safe guard you can do before hand. Or you could have her e-mail you more photos to ensure she has that bag in the listing.
  4. Remember however that we all did start one too and she may be legit. We have to start somewhere huh!

    I would go with all the suggestions above as well and hopefully it will all work out fine for you

    Keep us posted
  5. Oh, I really think you should post the link in the Authenticate This Thread! They ladies, and gents will help you out! Good luck!
  6. Pay with Amex. If it's fake, they are the best to deal with re getting your money back.
  7. So I did some more investigative work. The seller sent me more pictures of the bag, and I'm comfortable with the bag itself. I think it's the transaction that worries me. I checked out the sellers email address on Paypal and it showed her to be a Verified Premier Member with a whole lot of transaction under her belt. But remember I told you guys that she is a new on ebay. I asked her about it and she said she pays for stuff on other auction sites with paypal. Then I checked the users contact info through ebay and the registered name was different than what she signed in her emails to me. All in all, though I LOVE the bag, I don't think it's worth the risk.
  8. Go with your intuition. If you don't feel comfortable with the seller, you are right to hold off.
  9. I really think this is a no-brainer. Anyone can post pictures. Do you really want to engage in a transaction of that magnitude with someone with no history?
  10. It is a no-brainer, isn't it. Especially with none of the pieces adding up. Oh well, dream bag, bye bye! :sad:
  11. I guess you answered your own questions.
  12. Thanks guys! =(
  13. if it was not 1500 i would say go for it. but that is a big risk. but also think, seller's gotta start somewhere. I was really nervous selling my first bbag on eBay, luckily it from another tPFer so she knew the bag was authentic and that there would be no scamming. but don't let us sway you. do what you feel most comfortable doing.
  14. Not worth it! Go with your instincts and gut!
  15. I've never used it before, but how about escrow services? I think you'll have to pay to use it tho. Does anyone know anything about it or used it before?