Probably beat this horse into the ground already but....

  1. ....because I can't seem to find the thread where we discussed the pros and cons of a 30cm Birkin vs. a 35cm for us shorties.....what can be said about a 30 vs 35 for gals who are 5'3" and oh about 110# heading fast and furiously into their 50th year?

    I'm thinking 30cm because I don't want a bag to overpower me and I'm not really into carrying around everything but the kitchen sink...:oh:
  2. Given your stats, def stick to the 30.
  3. omg - you're so petite!

    here's what i've found:
    35 cm elbow:
    suitable size:
    30 vs. 35:

    i think it's just a matter of personal preference. i know people who are either your size or shorter and love the 35. and no - you don't have to fill the bags to the brim... some just like the way one size vs. antoerh looks on them.

    good luck!:flowers:
  4. Oh WOW, hermes_lemming! Thank you....this is JUST what I need to take a look at!
  5. lol - no worries. bout time i starting "giving back" to you lovely TFS ladies. cheers!
  6. Yes D., I agree with H.Lemming, it's totally subjective wether you prefer a 30 or a 35, even though you're not very tall, both sizes would look good on you...It depends what you feel better with...I'm 5'7, and I have both 35 and 40 Birkins and I like the way they both look on me...What I would do if I were you, since you go to H quite often and are friendly with your SA, every time you go, ask if they have a 30 or a 35 Birkin just to try for size, they shouldn't have any problem in making you try them on, even if they are preordered (I do it at my H all the time)...That's the best way to decide which size suits you best...:flowers:
  7. I'm very small and I've tried both 30cm and 35cm. Since I would not carry laptops or loads of documents in my Birkin, 30cm is perfect. This is also because of the weight, to carry a lot of stuff, I would need a bag with a shoulder strap so it's not so heavy.
  8. i'm only 4'11 and have a 35cm and i love it. it's definately personal preference!
  9. The 30 is perfect for me - I wonder about the 35 also but with extra weight, I don't really need the extra size as the 30 is more than adequate for my daily stuff!
  10. I agree, it's about personal preference. I have a 35cm and I'm only 5'2" and I love it.:love:
  11. Here's my take - since you have 32 and 28 cm Kellys, A 30cm Birkin would be very similar to those. I'd go for a 35cm for a change (if you like the look on you.) I'm your height and the 35cm does not overpower me. :smile:
  12. For me, (at 5'2") - I think I would feel the 35 to be a work tote really depends what you want to use it for and how comfortable you are with the larger size...
  13. It's definitely a matter of preference. I'm 5'8" (without heels) but I prefer 30cm over 35cm. People generally tell me that I should go with 35cm because I'm tall, however, I've tried on someone else's 35cm and it just looks like a briefcase/tote on me. It definitely has to do with whether one feels that he/she can pull it off. I don't think I can pull it off and for me it shows (but ppl still insist that 35cm looks good on me). I prefer bags that are around letter-size. The only exception is the JPG Birkin. Because of the East-West look, it wouldn't look big or disproportionate on me.

    What I noticed is that I've seen lots of people who are a lot shorter than me carrying big bags and it looks great on them. But somehow when I try these bags, I just look dorky. So the important thing is, wear what you are comfortable with. Don't do it because the majority thinks you should wear a certain size. the important thing is make sure that you will be happy with your purchase:flowers:
  14. shopmom,
    i am 5'4" and about 134 pounds- a slightly toned size 6. okay, okay, sometimes an 8. As i know it, a 35 seems most popular & difficult to get, but i think, hope this helps, that my stature and dla (daily living activities warrant a 30 as well. i have a longchamp zippered tote i take in my car, as i am always carrying books with me.
    so the 30 seems a-okay!
  15. Thank you, everyone! You are the best!!!!
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