probably asked a bazillion times but..

  1. my mom has been using my sienna and i've asked for it back because she thinks it's too big and, now it has some scratches and water stains...what is the best way to handle this? i'm sure there are threads about this...i specifically want to know about the sienna/kooba leather and how to restore it...anyone ever do this? the color is a luggage color; i forget what it's called...thanks!
  2. Well geez - boo on Mom....:crybaby:
    You ask her to buy you a new one (just kidding) should consider Lovin My Bags cleaner. They have a
    Their cleaners do WONDERS for restoration....
    Let us know how it turns out! :heart:
  3. jchiara, the bag has scratches and water stains : (
    have you used lovin' my bags? is there hope yet for my sienna?!?!?!
  4. Well, the scratches are probably here to stay unfortunately, but the water stains might not be a problem. I had a Toffee Marcelle where 7up split on it and it was HORRIBLE. The distinct lines of the soda were so awful. If you use their cleaner, it really helps the bag take on a patina that's much easier to live with. Did you check out their website?? You can email the owner directly and explain your situation to her - she's very helpful. I believe her name is Barbara....
  5. i checked out the's EXPENSIVE!!!! i can almost buy a new sienna for what it costs to fix...or am i reading it wrong? what did it cost you to get your bag back to where you got it to on your own?
  6. Expensive is relative. I had a brand new 800.00 Botkier ruined by a cup of coffee. For 125.00 Barbara gave me a bag back that looked new again. So of you have a beloved bag and don't want to trash it, LMB is a valid option.

  7. :wtf: Oh my I would have had a heart attack if that happened to my new Botkier. How did you handle the situation? I would have cried, lol. Definitely, 125 is a small price to pay for something you truly love.

    (by the way, I don't mean WTF from the smilie, it was the only face I could connect with my own when i read about the coffee)
  8. That's okay Dora. WTF describes it quite well. It happened in church actually...LOL We have a laid back service on Saturdays and they serve Cappachinos and flavored Coffees. Mom (I thought had finished hers) so since she has arthritis I picked up the cup by the handles (It had a lid) and also my Bombay Satchel. I thought the cup was empty and by the time we got to the car realized it sloshed all down the side of the bag. So then I tried to clean it myself (Bad move) then I tried to use saddle soap on it...(worse move). It was trashed. So off it went and I don't know technically what Barb did but it came back free of coffee stains and smells and the bag looked new.
    It can be expensive if you only buy a bag for 200 or so but on a new higher priced bag, it can be worth it. I hear she does amazing things to Balenciagas and redyes them, fixed tears and piping wear.
  9. Jeez Lexie. We really need to design a purse bib for you! :lol:
  10. LOL...I guess so. I need to carry my purses in large clear ziploc bags. Thank goodness I'm not too accident prone. This was my Mom's fault anyway. I rarely drink coffee.
  11. lexie, thanks for putting it in perspective for me...i think i'm going to give them a call and see what they recommend...
    : )