Probably an expensive way to get a black reissue

  1. I received these pics from one of the SA's at Neiman Marcus (pics from their trunk show). I thought it was interesting how all of the "extras" can be removed to reveal a black w/gold chain reissue!:nuts:




  2. know what, I have been trying very very very hard...for the longest longes time, to try and find a black leather 2.55 and I was actually toying with idea of getting this pearl 2.55 and wear the bag without the pearl.... but it's just too expensive...
  3. Hmmm ... interesting, and yes your right probably very expensive. I would like to shake the hand of whichever PFer that resorts to this idea.
  4. what is the retail of it??
  5. can we think of it as buying a bag AND a chain of pearls? then wear the pearls as somthing else? like a bracelet?
  6. Yes, I was thinking the same thing...


  7. I think this bag is 3k.
  8. I love this bag Mon!! Of course I am one of those who loves for my bags to be very noticeably Chanel--- yes, I know label whore:smile:
    Did your SA give you the retail on it?
    Was it only in black?
    Are you going to purchase it? It would look fab on you with the pearls attached, but wearing the pearls separately would be nice as well.
  9. I don't the exact price, but I am sure it's over $3k. I already have a 2005 black w/gold reissue so I won't be getting this one.

  10. I remember you having the reissue. This just would look great on you. I would love to purchase it, but I am already first on the reserve list for the Sharpey, so I guess one 3k purchase is all I'd better do.:yes:
  11. ^^I'm just blown away that most of the Fall 07 bags are gonna be over $3K!!!
  12. I know, its crazy!!!!:nuts::nuts:

    Everything with Chanel is so expensive. I upgraded my 33mm J12 diamond bezel to the 38mm diamond bezel last weekend. I had to pay over 3K extra----

    I am only on the reserve list for 2 bags, I will have to limit myself now with all the price increases:crybaby:
  13. Mon, thanks for posting pics. Black reissue is absolutely gorgeous, I personally like it more than the metallic version. I would love to have it, but the price isn't attractive at all. It's too bad that non-metallic black reissue isn't coming back this season.
  14. i think if the price around 2500. probably little bit reasonable. but over 3k. :nuts: thx u for the pics....gorgeous bag!
  15. That is so gorgeous!! ....but I am glad I have my black reissue and don't have to splurge for this one!