Probably a stupid question about Paypal - but need your help!

Jan 23, 2008
Hi. I just got up the courage to purchase from ebay back in January. Now, I'm working up the courage to sell some handbags. Here's my question, when a buyer pays you through paypal, how do you get the money into your personal bank account and out of paypal? Sorry, I couldn't find the answer anywhere and I don't know how it works. Thanks for your help!!:smile:


Mar 27, 2007
Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting the $500-a-month limit lifted...any tips?

I think you are talking about the $500 a month limit to what you can transfer from Paypal to your account. If so, I believe they lift that if you allow them to verify your bank account...or some such. I remember it happening to me, but don't remember where I found the link. Try contacting them. I think this number will work.

(888) 221-1161