Probably a dumb question LV boxes

  1. do all LV items come in a box? I bought a plain monogram pochette the other day and the SA just gave it to me in a carrier bag with the dustbag and i was sure i would get a box too. Is it just small things like the wapity that comes in a box?
  2. Sounds like the SA was just lazy. I always get a box when I buy LV but I always buy from the same SA who already know me. But, if I shop at another LV (once in awhile), I'll ask the SA for a box just to be safe. I know one time I bought a bracelet at the Beverly Hills store and the SA just handed the bracelet (in it's dustbag) inside a shopping bag. I promptly asked for a box and received it. (See, he was just lazy!)
  3. my SAs always ask me, "need box or not?" when I paying for it.
    Or if I really need a box, I just request him(her).
  4. When I bought my miroir lockit they just put it in the dustbag then in the bag! That annoyed me so much as I was a break in London so had to carry the bag all day and go on the tube with it. Was so scared that someone would drop something in to my bag!! The day before I had picked up another miroir lockit for my friend and when I asked for a box they gave some lame excuse about not having had a box that big for years.....2weeks earlier when I got my petit epi noe I received a box(from my usual store)... So they put my friends lockit in the envelope paper bags so I presumed they would do it for me too...but no!

    I think most LV goods do come in boxes, you just have to ask but you don't always get!
  5. It is just the SA being lazy. I have the complete opposite happen. I bought a longer strap for my Baggy PM and the SA put it a small box but no dust cover. So, when I noticed it right after I left the store. I went back in and asked. I was told, "oh we don't have anything that would fit it" I said "oh how about one for a wallet" She had nothing to say then except to go get me one.
  6. you usually have to ask for a box unless the item is shipped to you then they will always include a box.
  7. sometime you have to ask the SA for a box/dustbag/lock & keys. I don't know if they're lazy or forgetful or what!
  8. I have the same problem,I bought my [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1] Monogram perfo speedy. The SA didn't dive me the box. I asked her , guess what she said to me? "Sorry, It doesn't come with the box" :confused1: <<<< That was my face look like at the time. I just walk away without the box!!!! From that day I don't return to that LV store again.(San Diego,Fashion Mall):mad::rant:
  9. You need to ask for a box. I shop with a few SAs who know me pretty well and they just give me a box automatically (cuz I tell them it's for me kitty... and they think it's cute or something lol), but with a new SA, def. ask :yes:
  10. I thought it was standard! I've always received my items in boxes with a dustbag each, and many of them come with tissue paper wrapped around the item (usually accessories). I've never had to ask for a box.
  11. I always ask for a box. I buy most of my LV duty free, so I need to pick it up at the airport when I leave the country. I always ask for a box after I've made my purchase so I don't leave the store empty handed! My SA always gives me one and says if it doesn't fit (what I bought) then come back and get another one!
  12. actually i always get really upset. whenever i go shopping by myself and i go to LV, they never give me boxes, but if my parents get something they give us boxes! i dont really understand it.
  13. thats what happens when i ask for a box, they just put it in a stupid envelope and im like, i didnt ask for that, i asked for a box:cursing:
  14. Yes, they come in LV boxes.
  15. when i made my purchase recently for a neverfull and my mc bandeau they gave me boxes. That was my first in store purchase...she didn't ask me, she said I'll go back and get this ready for you..put the items in their boxes with ribbons...