Proactive Solution.. need help

  1. I can't stand it! I've been breaking out like crazy!!! I normal to dry skin and I can't seem to fight off the pimples!

    Will proactive work on someone if they have dry skin?

    I went to the website and it looks like the have a lot of "oil free" products. Does this mean that the products are for people with oily skin?
  2. I have very dry skin and even with moisturizer, ProActiv dried me out terribly. I was literally flaking for two weeks straight. The good news is that eventually the flaking stopped. The tightness in my face never went away though (until I stopped using ProActiv). I found that washing once a day rather than twice did help a bit.
  3. I have oily skin and it gave my some dry patches and flaking....BUT it did make my pimples go away and i dont get that much breakouts*shrugs*
  4. I was having major probs w/ my skin from August of last year and finally started using Proactiv early December...It did dry my skin out in the beginning...maybe for about 5 days...but it's fine now...I use it twice a day...I still use my regular face/eye creams but I not on my problem areas (jawline & chin)...My skin is baby soft and zit free..and has been for a while..I think it took about 6 weeks for my skin to totally clear...I am a 'lucky' I know this product gets mixed reviews... my 'acne' was mild....but to ME (blemish free all my life) it was PIZZA FACE lol!! So I guess If I were you I'd keep takes 30 days for your skin to completely turn over so I would say give yourself a fair amount of time (1-2) months...Good luck...I know how you feel..I hope it works for you as good as it has worked for me!!!
  5. Proactive was a disaster for me. I have oily skin and it dried out my skin terribly. Although it seemed to be working for the first few weeks, after a couple of months my skin broke out worse than before and the blemishes would not stop and/or go away. When I went off Proactive, my skin responded by cranking out twice the oil it did before and it took at least two weeks to go back to normal.

    I finally went to the dermatologist and was given a prescription for a topical antibiotic because over the counter products weren't doing anything good for my skin. My acne was mild to moderate, definitely not severe. One of the side effects of the topical antibiotic was supposed to be drying of the skin, but I haven't experienced that problem - at least nothing like proactive and other OTC formulas did.
  6. I have extremely sensitive dry skin but still get blemishes. A friend (in her 50's) told me to try Proactiv (I'm early 60's). I'm concerned that it might be too harsh for my skin.

    I've been to the dermatologist, but what they suggested hasn't stopped the blemishes.
  7. I have very oily skin. I used Proactive, and it dried my face out like crazy the first week or two. After that, my skin got accustomed to the facial lotion and was moisturized. But like cosmogrl5 said, the tightness never went away. Plus my skin got really dependent on Proactiv. I was poor and had to stop the $40 per shipment. I stopped ordering it, the acne came back, and now I use LOREAL Pure Zone acne cleanser and toner. My face is now acne free and fine.

    Yes, Proactiv totally works, but your skin will become dependent on it. Definitely use the 30-day guarantee or your money back deal, then see if you like it and want to keep ordering it.
  8. if its not working for you, dont use it! facial products are not one size fits all. keep trying things and find wat works thru trial and error
  9. It worked great for me! I used it twice a day religiously and had great skin! the only reason i stopped was because I started taking a medicine that affected my skin, so benzol peroxide products were out :sad: Now that im off that med Im thinking about using the 3 step again.
    eited to add: before starting the 3 step system my skin was fairly normal but leaning on the dry side. I didnt use their moisturizers so i cant comment on them
  10. Proactiv doesn't dry me out any more than any other acne product does. It has done wonders for my skin! I'm usually a once/day user, and I use the mask for overnight spot treatment.

    The one thing I DID figure out is that the repairing lotion dries out my hands! Since I started putting it on with a sponge and/or QTip, my hands are fine!
  11. I've used ProActiv for years, and it works wonderfully for me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product!! It does take several weeks to really start noticing a difference, but that will be the case with any skin care regimen. I have heard people say it dried them out, but I have not found that to be true with me. Now, after the second step - the toner - yes, my skin feels a bit dry and taut - but after I put the 3rd step on - the repairing lotion - it's fine.