1. :hysteric: My face is driving me nuts!!!

    I'm 19 and I'm still dealing with acne! I've tried everything under the sun... my mom tried ordering Proactiv for me when it first came out but I was way to skeptical to try it. I'm worried that it will break me out alot before it begins to get better... or something. :confused1:

    Should I just try it? :s

    I have a very oily forehead and T-zone, but now the area around my chin is so dry that its peeling (due to an aesthetic recommended treatment..). So you could say I have VERY combination skin. My main problem areas now are my checks... they tend to break out alot more than any other area on my face.

    Has anyone tried this with success? If so, what type of skin do you have...? (I'm wondering if it only works well on certain skin types)
  2. My roomie swears by that stuff. I have definitely seen improvement in her skin!

    As for me, it made my skin better for a week. Then, my skin went back to normal. I used it for about 2 months, stopped using it...and my skin got a lot better! Still a lot of scars, but at least I rarely get pimples anymore. I switched to a really gentle cleanser, because I felt like Proactiv was way too harsh for my skin.

    I would give it a try. Definitely heard a lot of nays, but also a lot of yays for Proactiv. Good luck!
  3. This has been discussed in here at length before. (I'll try to find the original thread for you). But everyone has a different experience with ProActiv. As for me, I've been using it for a couple of years now and I LOVE it! You have to be consistent though, as with anything else.
  4. it made my skin better for some time, but then it seems like my skin is now immune by the product. and worse, it makes my skin dry. same thing with my brother.

    so now i use benefit's woosh, and i definitely see a difference within a day. good stuff! :smile: just remember to moisturize after.
  5. I've been using it for over 6 years now. I had very mild acne and started using it and love it!! I use it now just because it keeps my skin beautiful and clear!
  6. I have used proactive for about 2 years now and I really like it. After 25 i started breaking out around my chin area. Proactive clear this uo and I've had clear skin ever since. You do need to mosturize with proactive and it has to be a non-comedogenic or else an oily mosturizer can counteract what you are doing to keep your skin clear.

    I use the 3-part system and follow with MAC's studio moisture feed.

    I think it definately worth a try. Good luck
  7. I didn't like it, particularly the refining mask which I only used once a week-it dried the #%$% out of my skin! I am using Patricia Wexler products from Bath and Body Works, it is much less harsh.
  8. I've heard alot about Proactiv drying out people's faces... well I've recently been using some face wash that's benzoyl peroxide based and its KILLING my dry area (my chin)... its always dry and flaky no matter what I put on it nowdays..

    What are the active ingredients in Proactiv..?

    And does Proactiv come with a good moisturizer?

    Thanks ladies! :smile:
  9. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! i have been using it for 3 years, it has been the best thing ever, and i have tried everything, and nothing worked like this did.

    the moisturizer is really good, it is oil free with a spf of 15
  10. my experience with proactiv was not too great. it didn't work as well as murad does on my skin. I actually prefer murad's acne complex kit, the cleanser has green tea in it and i didn't break out as much as i use to. but everyone's skin is different, some products might not work out as well as others. :shrugs:
  11. i love this stuff, it does keep the zits away. it works every well. and i am using their oil free moisturizer, it is very good, not greasy at all.
  12. I read some where that Proactiv drys your skin more and some times makes you break out even more. I did some research on this back when I had a skin problems so decided not to try it.

    The facialist I went to see at first told me you want to try to hydrate your face as much as you can when you have dry skin. This is because your pores are so tight that it can not release the dirt and dry skin causing it to clog up creating pimples. She also said that if you pop your pimples (which isn't recommend), you should first wrap your fingers with tissue to prevent germs from spreading (your hands are full of it from touching everything).

    I've also tried getting rid of the pimples by using tea tree oil but when I use it too much it had no affect.

    For me it got better after I hydrated my skin (hydrating mask every few days) but what really worked for me was to see the best dermatologist I can find in my area. The prescription (which was some cream to get rid of scaring), face cleansers (one with beta hydroxide and one with aloe) and cream (silcone base vitamin c to get rid of the peeling of the prescription) is what cleared up my face in 2 months.

    I hope this helps! :yes:
  13. I've used Proactiv for six years now. It works great! The first time I've used it, it literally cleared my face within few days. I swear my this product! Proactiv never dried out my face, though when my skin does feel a little stiff, I mixed the mositurizer (last step) with Cetaphil.
    I found this product always worked because the time when I stopped using it (about six months), I've noticed, my adult acne was reappearing and Proactiv was there to zapped them away.

    Good luck!
  14. I like proactive, but I don't use it every day. I find that it's a bit to harsh to do so. But I use it about a week before my period every month now or when the weather is wreaking havoc and it clears it up right away.

    The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide (2.5%, I believe). Some people do develop some sort of tolerance to this after using it extensively and it stops working for them.

    Anyways, I would recommend it. Remember to moisturize your skin afterwards though.
  15. The best!