Proactiv users???

Personally i dont reccomend this product! But for someone who has an occasional pimple or two it might be good. My sister in law has perfect skin...before even using proactiv and it dries her skin out really bad! My dads dermatologist even told me it ages your skin! yikes!
It probably ages your skin if you overuse it and don't mosturize. It contains drying agents to dry out pimples. That is its purpose. But, if it dries your skin out, you should reduce your usage of it. And always use mosturizer.
I go through so many cleansers. I use Clinique Foaming Face Wash for a while, then I break out. I use Lancome Gel Clarte, then I break out again. I have tried everything it seems and they all work pretty good for a while then BANG I break out with no mercy.
Do a search of the boards, there are alot of posts on Proactiv. I think you'll find the opinions quite divided on it- love it or hate it.

I personally love it & have used it daily for over 3 years. I'm 33 & had problems with hormonal acne on my chin from time to time. I use it now as a preventative as I haven't had another breakout since starting it. Never heard about it aging your skin though~ I definitely don't need that! LOL I don't have any problems with it drying my skin but I moisturize daily.
i've had hesitations using proactiv at first coz i thought it's just another one of those acne products that's being marketed on tv. however during my case of bad adult acne on the cheeks, i started using it.
my face basically is oily. i live in asia where it's humid and warm. and so the drying effect is actually a blessing for my situation. i've used 3 60-day (but it stretches to 90 days on the way i use it 2x a day) supply box sets and the effects are good. i was just about to open my 4th box when i thought i'd stop using it for a while and try using Oil of Olay total effects so that my skin wouldn't be too much used to proactiv (coz just like fellow frequent users of acne medications, my skin tends to break out when it's too used to a specific regimen.) after a while, i plan to go back to using proactiv.

one suggestion tho, try washing your face with liquid soap (like clinique liquid mild facial soap) in between the renewing cleanser (cleanser- the step one) coz it's an exfoliant and too much scrubing on facial skin sometimes can worsen open pores when acne is present.

bottom line i guess is, if you'd tried many acne medications and still can't come up with satisfactory result, try proactiv. and remember that it takes a while for acne to totally clear out. don't expect overnite miracles to happen.