proactiv anyone??

  1. my sister wants to start using proactiv and i have heard good and bad things about it. has anyone ever used or is currently using this??

    also, what are the good things and bad things?
  2. My brother has tried it. It did NOTHING. I'm quite jealous though, he has naturally nice skin. But because he's an athlete and he sweats a lot, he does get blemishes frequently, but not all around acne. He said that it really didn't work and it seems very mild.

    I have the same problem, where I don't have a lot of acne, but I do have blemishes always. I started using Biotherm and it really help cut down the oily skin, blemishes, and tamed skin so it wasn't as blotchy (bright around my eyes and such). I also suggested my brother to try and he really enjoyed it too for his blemishes.
  3. I tried Proactiv about 5 years ago when it first came out. All it did was dry out my skin while still breaking out. :tdown:
  4. i've used proactiv..

    when i first began to use it, it would dry out my skin, which made me put more mooisturizers and whatnot on which made my face all greasy and stuff... my acne somewhat went away

    then i stopped for a while and during that time that i stopped, the acne was worse and hurt.

    then i went back to proactiv and until now, my acne's gone..

    i wouldnt use proactiv..

    Your skin gets so used to proactiv, that it begins to depend on it to stay clear. Right when you stop, the acne keeps coming. From there you just cant stop using it because your acne's gonna get worse.

    I still use it because i just dont want to break out badly and i havent found any other acne treatments. If i could go back, i wouldnt have started using it.
  5. I used it about 6 months ago. I never had an "acne" problem, but I wasn't satisfied with the appearance of my skin so I started to use it.

    I bought the 5-piece kit, but never used the oil-control or moisturizer.

    It might dry out your skin at first, now I use it maybe 3x a week, if that, and I just use the toner, wash, and lotion.

    The mask is great though. From my experience, it def. works, I don't have any before pics to prove it, but now my skin feels great :smile:
  6. i have always had good skin and i started getting just a few breakouts but enough that it really bothered me, even tho it wasnt a lot they were consistent

    so i got proactiv and i talked to them on the phone and they warned me that my skin could get worse and then better because the medication brings acne to the surface so you may see more as it clears it up

    WELL let me tell you it just made my skin worse, and worse and never better,, i waited and waited i stuck it out for at least a month using it 2 times a day as it said to and after months of bad skin i said forget this

    and now i just use what i used to use, and yes a pimple here and there but not all the time and not nearly what that proactiv did to my skin

    i would NOT rec, this product as i didnt have really really bad skin just some issues and it took it in the direction of getting bad
  7. I have used and still use proactiv...I was not blessed with good skin and in my late years of middle school had really bad breakouts. My mom took me to the dermo and it helped a little but not fast enough or well enough so my mom got me proactiv and voila. At first it made me break out more but I kept using it and then it began to work its magic and my face was totally clear.

    I still have to use it ever-so-often when my skin starts to act up again. I will say that it's not for everyone. It's not for the person that wants to get rid of here and there blemishes. You have to use it consistenly at first no matter what which really sucks but it comes through in the end.
  8. My dermatologist does not recommend it at all. She said it works the same as Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne wash but it's a lot more expensive. If you have an acne problem maybe you should consult with your doctor before wasting money on something that may or may not work for you.
  9. I used it for about a year and a half. it worked really well for me, my sskin looked great. i miss it now that i cant use it anymore :crybaby:
  10. okay, thanks. she doesn't have an acne problem but wanted to make sure she didn't get one. i'll let her know to steer clear so that her face doesn't become addicted to it. lol thanks again
  11. That is exactly like my teenage son. He plays sports as well and breaks out because of it. When he isn't active in sports his skin is perfect.

    And proactiv didn't work. In fact it made it worse.

  12. that sounds like a REALLY REALLY bad experience. kinda makes me scared to use it....i considered it before but...just the possibility that this would happen makes me want to run
  13. Dont do it!!!!!!!!! I was on it and yes it worked very well but only for the 1st 5 months. Its a quick fix! my opinion for your sister is go to

    This will have ALL THE INFO she needs. I have been struggling with acne but mild acne on my chin from hormones. After see the dermotologist which is her best bet I am on Doryx antibiotics and TAZORAC cream. ITS AMAZING!!!! I have been on it for only 2 weeks and BAM my skin is pretty!!!!!!!!!! Go to and search the product review for Tazorac it gets the highest ratings i have ever seen for an acne cream. Also search pro activ on and read all the CRAP reviews on it!!! trust me! PM is your want I have more info!
  14. OKay - I finally got the "starter"set. I have to say that my skin does feel improved. It is clearer and surprisingly smoother and even-toned on the whole.

    My chin is a problem spot for me in general. It is very oily, and I think the Proactiv is helping with that, although it's not perfect. The rest of my face is clear, however.

    Thumbs up so far.

    I haven't done the "refining mask" yet.
  15. I tried proactiv before when my skin was more "active" and I got pimples randomly. I never had all around acne, just random pimples. Proactiv did no good at all. It was much too mild.

    Now I use Clean and Clear Persa-gel and it dries up anything that looks like a pimple in no time.