prncessjax' closet- a sampling

  1. So I had to move to NJ and could only bring like the basics, whatever could fit into my car for now. Everything I own is still in MA, but here are the bags I brought with me until I go to MA next for another round. This is a fraction but still post-worthy (I hope! you never know around here!)

    My new Lanvin Kansas tote is the newest addition to the family and I loveeeee her!!:yahoo:
  2. I can't see a photo?
    Can you just use our Attachments option?
  3. Will be back once the pic is up-
  4. ok I have no idea what happened! Weird....ok here is my tiny sampling...can't wait to go home and get the rest of my girls!!! bags.JPG
  5. ^ pretty collection, love that gucci!
  6. i :heart: your balenciaga first, your LV speedy and that spy bag :drool:
  7. Cute collection you have there! ;)
  8. Cute ..
  9. darn ..can't see pics?
  10. very cute!
  11. i like that fendi!
  12. Love the vintage Dior and striped Spy!
  13. YAY! going home this weekend picking up the rest of my girls!! OH BOY! this will require a bigggg truck! Will be sure and post pix when I get back!
  14. i like all your bags equally, nice mixture of all sorts of brands
  15. pretty bags.