Prix Émile Hermès

  1. I didn't see any posts about this:
    Rest of the article and how to participate can be found here:

    Unfortunetley, no countries outside a select few european countries are allowed to participate.
  2. OHHH! THANKS for posting this, LIBERTE!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks! Gives me a couple of ideas:nuts:
    GF go ahead! Do you need to establish your temporary residence in my living room?:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Ohhh! I'd LOVE to TT!!!!....Gosh...we'd just end up shopping all the time, though.....and nothing else!! LOL!!
  5. ^^^ yes, I'm afraid that would be a too risky experience after all:roflmfao:
  6. LMAO! Can't trust us!