Prix de Diane-Hermes 2007

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  1. Is anyone going to this? It's the French equivalent of Royal Ascot.

    I received an invitation for the Hermes charity lunch and ball at the Chantilly Racecourse next month, but haven't RSVP'd yet. Still deciding if it's worth doing the extra juggling of my schedule to make it. The theme this year is L'Inde a Chantilly (India at Chantilly), so basically Hermes Village will be decked out in all the colors of Rajastan, including musicians, magicians, dancers, acrobats, etc, in celebration of the cultural history of northwestern India.

    Anyone plan on going? Or has anyone been to the Prix de Diane-Hermes before? Would you recommend it?
  2. Well no, gina, I've never been so lucky as to receive an, in that case, if you can arrange your schedule, I would DEF go! (Need a friend to fly in and accompany you?? :graucho: )
  3. Katel, to be honest I never expected it and almost threw it away. I'm not really a garden-party-dress-outrageous-hat kind of girl, but it does sound like a fun afternoon of subculture-scoping, doesn't it? (Though it'll probably be a lot like Ascot, except in French and with polo next door.) [edit] But more than the people, I'd rather go to see how H has had it all decorated!

    BTW - If I decide to go I would LOVE the company! The more the merrier I say!
  4. gina, you're very priviledged to be invited and I think you just have to go. :tup: Hermes always does things differently and with all the elaborate fanfare. After you go to one, you will want to go to every one! Well, almost.

    Hope you finally decide to go, and then take loads of photos for all of us who aren't so lucky to be there, to oogle at! :yahoo:
  5. Gina, I have been invited and RSPVed positively to the invitation before I left. I'll be delighted to go for an afternoon of picnic and horse races. Are you joining in the fun? Shall we meet there?

    I have yet to find the perfect outrageous hat (although I have a few ideas in mind ;) )
  6. !!! You're going! I was just tossing the idea around in my mind last night. Let me see if this is actually feasible. Sounds like fun!
  7. I think you must go and give us a full report back! Sounds like fun....
  8. AND PICTURES PLEASE!!:P Sounds so fun to get to wear a GREAT HAT!
  9. Oh This sounds like fun! I hope you can make it gina_b.. I really like your threads!!:tup:
  10. Gina, that sounds great. You must go and take lots of pics for the board. ;)
  11. Sounds fun, gina! Hope you go and get to meet up with Perja and please post pics :biggrin:
  12. Please go and have a rip roaring time and then report back to us!:tup:
    Have a good time!
    What a fun event~!
  13. Gina, it sounds like an amazing event. I'll have to live vicariously through you. You'll have to go!
  14. Oh my goodness, I can' believe you even have to ask. Of course you should go.
  15. I used to go to the Prix de Diane with my parents, aunts and uncles when I was a child !!! And I loved it !!
    Besides the race, and the "Hats défilé", there was an Election of the most elegant "Equipage"
    => a jury chose the most elegant family for a picnic (including car and dogs, plates etc :smile: ) and we won when I was 9 or 10 I think...