Private Schools! Please be aware!

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  1. I was hesitant of posting this thread because it may reveal my identity to some of you, but after thinking about I feel its necessary to give this warning. Some of you may or may not already know about this.

    When/if you enroll your child in a private school make sure its one that your state has jurisdiction over because if the state does not it makes it very hard to get issues resolved if you feel your childs safety is at risk of they are being treated unfairly.

    My daughter was sexually assaulted at her middle school last week. The boys who assaulted her was arrested and detained by police. One of the boys was released yesterday. The really bad part about all this is the principal at her school has not suspended the boys and has no plans to. The school board which is made up of church members have decided that this is a police matter so this means my daughter has to continue in school with these boys for the remainder of the year. This is devestating to me and my daughter and I feel kind of helpless at this point. I just wanted to share this with any of you who may have a child in a private school or are considering enrolling your child in one.

    Thank you for reading and please keep us in your prayers :heart:
  2. Oh honey I'm so sorry!!! That is terrifying!! I cannot believe they would not expell those boys! Shame on them!!! is there any way to transfer your daughter out of there? I wish you both the best.
  3. Oh wow, I'm so sorry about that. That's so not right!!
  4. that doesn't even make sense! There's no rule that boys may not sexually assault others at the school?
    Seems like it should be dealt at 2 levels, school and police.

    Good grief:hugs: I cannot even imagine!
    I'm so sorry:cry:
  5. I am so sorry for your daughter, I hope she will heal from this awful act. You are a good and brave woman for coming bringing this to the attention of others.
  6. that is terrible *hugs to you* That is very wrong in part of the school it should be their resposability this happened in the school , in their grounds. Lots of hugs to your daughter too that she must feel awful that she has to see those people again after what happened.
  7. thank you for posting this and i am so sorry to hear about your daughter! that is horrible and i can't even comprehend what does thru the board's heads! i am sure if it was their daughter, they would think or act differently!
  8. I am a teacher in a state school in England but attended agils public school. That does not make sense, I could see if it was a state school they might be hesitant about expelling the boys as it is very very hard to and is a long process and costs a lot of money, however if the US is like here, private/public schools are a law unto themselves and can do what they like. They should expel them. I would go to the papers if it was me, that is desgraceful!!!
  9. i'm so sorry. is your daughter ok? are you able to apply for restriction orders so the boys can't go near your daughter? must be hard for both of you. hope she can find a better school next year.

    wishing you all the best ooooxxx
  10. I am soo sorry to hear what happened to your family. It is very brave of you to talk about this, and I'm sure all of us with children are very grateful to you for the heads up.

    I can't believe that the school is basically trying to sweep this under the rug. If I had a daughter at that school, I'd yank her immediately if I caught wind that a sexual assault happened to another girl and the school did NOTHING about it. Does the local newspaper know about this incident? I'm wondering if the school could lose accreditation for this. If anything, they'd see a great decrease in enrollment if this got out!!
  11. i am so sorry, i can't believe they would let them back at school..they pose a danger to other students. i hope you and your daughter are working through this, and are able to get the help she needs.

    can you press criminal charges against the boys? their parents? can you go after a civil judgement??? their needs to be punishment and accountability.

    i am just so deeply sorry, this is so wrong on so many levels.
  12. Oh, wow - I'm so very sorry for your daughter's experience. I hope she's coping.

    Do you know what I find interesting? If these boys had been drinking off campus on a Friday night, the school probably would have made it a school problem, and punished them there, in addition to whatever the police and their parents decided to do. But something like this that happens on school grounds is an issue they stay out of? How awful!
  13. OMG! I'm sorry this happened to your daugther...
    and I can only imagine how difficult this is for her and your family...
    I also hope that she is coping...

    Wishing and hoping the best for all of you.
  14. You need to stay on that school's back for the remainder of the year. If they get sick of you, tough. They should have expelled those boys who dared to lay a hand on your child. Open your eyes to everything that's going on and do not be afraid to pop up to the school for your daugther's safety. Keep an eye on her at home, too, because we teenage girls tend to keep a lot inside no matter what the situation.

    Wishing you lots of luck for solving this problem. :police: (tpf girls are looking out for you!)
  15. Oh no! I am so very, very sorry that this happened to your daughter, poor girl. You must be absolutely furious and heartbroken. Is she OK? I will keep her and your family in my thoughts. I agree that you need to be like a relentless hawk at the school. She will probably go through some very emotional times there in the coming months and I'm hoping that she'll receive the counseling/protection that she needs while at school. I know it's complicated but is it at all possible to find a different school for her to attend instead?

    Thanks for the note of warning about private schools. My son is starting kindergarten this fall at a Catholic school, and I will definitely keep your advice in mind. Gosh, you think your kids will be safe at a school where morals and honoring God is key, and then something horrible like this happens! Hugs to you all.