Private sales

  1. How does one get invited to private sales? I noticed some links are for private sales? I'm on most email lists but never get a link to a private sale such as the one NM just had. Do you have to spend a lot in order to be invitied?
  2. Are you on their e-mail update list? If so, and you didn't get the email or flyer in the mail, maybe they sent them to their ccard holders. That's the only thing I can think of . Hopefully someone with more info will come along with an answer.
  3. The emails might be in your "spam" folder perhaps?
  4. And sometimes they only send it to you after you made some purchase with them...
  5. I get Saks and nm emails but not for private sales. I also have cc for both and spend some money there every few months. Not a whole lot though - just depends. Do they have private sales in store too?
  6. at least with Saks & NM, you have to be a member of saksfirst or incircle (respectively) to get most of those "good" emails, i believe.
  7. Saks sends out postcards announcing these private sales and bonus points events for Saks First cardholders. I usually get them about 1 week before the event, and sometimes SA will call to notify the upcoming sales as well if you work with a specific SA.